Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Elder Hunt's LAST Mission Letter!!

Dear Family,
This is SOOOOO weird.  My last email home!  So, I'll try to update you on the amazing things going on here, not to mention the butterflies that have taken up residence in my stomach!!

Last Monday we had a busy P-day.  We met up with a bunch of Elders and went to Flip-Burger.  8 out f the 10 missionaries took on "the challenge" -- eating a 10" tall burger, a box of fries and the drink...within 20 minutes.  Elder Torrie and I were the only ones who were smart enough not to do it!.  We watched and laughed as they all failed miserably and got so sick!  But it was fun.  In the evening we went to a Seniors Home, where we put on a musical show.  I've really come to love Seniors, and feel grateful I've been able to do so much with them over the course of my mission.  The music went well and I'm so grateful for the talents with which I've been blessed.  Besides the joy it brings others, it is a great stress reliever for me and brings me so much happiness.  (I'm so grateful he took the opportunities he had growing up and has grown his talents to such a degree!!)

Tuesday seemed to be a bit slower...but we had a great lesson with Donna.  Elder Blum is having some stomach problems so we were to the doctors to have some tests done.

On Wednesday we made some biscuits for Donna and took them over while they were still warm.  It was so nice to see her face light up like it did.  We also laid some tile for Phil Jack.  Later we had a lesson with Donna, and Bishop Johnson came to that.  It was on the Law of Tithing and Fast Offerings.  Once again, she understood everything very well. In the evening we had dinner with the Evans family and I really enjoyed that, especially when they told me they had met and married at BYU.

Thursday was quite the day.  We traveled to Bridgewater for my final district meeting.  It went really well and the spirit was so strong.  I also did my Exit Interview with President Leavitt via Skype since there are 16 missionaries returning home at the same time and he wouldn't have time for anything else.  President Leavitt has taught me some incredible, live-changing things during my mission.  We reviewed all of my areas, companions, experiences, etc.  It was a pretty intense feeling reflecting on all of it and how much it has shaped and molded me. It is a strange thing to reflect on my mission and take a look at the big picture.  I think it may be harder going home than I had thought...but I'm up for the challenge!

On Saturday we did a few different service projects.  At one place we helped tear out a bunch of drywall and demolished a few things and then afterwards had lunch together.  They were neighbors to some members who had mentioned we might be able to help.  At one point the gal said, "If I were to be anything, I'd be a Mormon!"  We had a nice chat together, finished up and left.  Found out later that the gal came over after we left and asked if she could go to church with the member family!  Great things continue to happen in Sackville, and I'm so grateful to be serving here!

Sunday was my last day at church in the mission field.  So strange. . . Before church we checked our transfer letters, and sure enough I'm being transferred home and my next companion is "undetermined."  But the real shock came to Elder Blum when he read his letter and it said he will be training a brand new missionary!!  He's been out 6 weeks and now he'll be training!
Church was great and it was sad to say goodbye to so many people.  I've absolutely loved this Sackville ward and we've seen some incredible miracle in the 6 weeks we've been here.  It has hit me pretty good today that I'm leaving.  I'm sad to go, and it's hard to explain my feelings.  And at the same time I'm excited and ready for the next chapter of my life as well.

So fam, I'll see you in a few!!

Elder Hunt

(Oh, how I have loved watching this missionary son learn and grow and SERVE the people that I loved and served 37 years ago.  I am SO grateful to the many people who have loved him, watched over him, FED him, and prayed for him.  We are definitely sobered at the thought of not having a missionary son in the field anymore, BUT we are beyond excited to have him come home!!   *_* )

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