Thursday, August 30, 2012

Letter to Dad...since he talked to me on-line...

First off, I love and miss you so much!  Wish I could be there with you doing the chain gang and having hamburgers on Friday nights.  Two years and we'll do it again!:)

Ok, so we went to the temple yesterday and did a session.  I ran into a worker there that asked where my dad was from, and turns out he thinks we're related!  (What was the first clue?  That Dad is from Waterflow, New Mexico and the temple worker knew exactly where that was???)  See if you know or can find out about Franklin Burnett Hunt.  He said it is his less-active cousin that is from Waterflow, New Mexico.  (Yup!  That's Squeak's cousin and Slim's least that's Dad's guess!)

Oh, also during the endowment session yesterday, I fell asleep and I guess I moaned really loudly in my sleep.  My companion hit me awake and everyone was staring at me!  Super awkward!  (I've always wondered if anyone ever did that. . .  MY son!!)  Ha...another story to add to the memories!  :)

Take care!

Elder Hunt

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28th MTC Letter

Bonjour Family!
So as you know my companion is teaching me a little French! (: I'm loving it! 

Before I forget, be sure and tell Rocky and Cherie thanks SO MUCH for the cookies they sent me! They made my day and were amazing! I don't have their address or i'd write them. 

Also, thanks for your cinnamon rolls as well mom! That made the district and myself so happy and we were all in heaven! I got the packages a couple hours before the letter, so it worked out perfect (:

I'm so excited to get to Canada and have some real investigators! I really love the MTC, but it'll be nice to get out of such a dictated routine and be able to plan for real people. 

All of the elders in my district do have pretty good family support...but All of them Love you, Mom, and kinda want to hear from if you find spare time, maybe write each one a short dear elder? haha they really love you so much mom! 

My companion Elder Nzojibwami is 18, and turns 19 in October...but he moved to Calgary when he was 2. Family is from Burundi, and then lived in Belgium for 2 years, then up to Canada! so that's his story. Parents were driven out by hostile environment, but the church saved them and they are amazing people. Love them. 

I'm glad you are patient Mom!!! Thank you!!!! (: 

I'm having such amazing experiences here at the MTC. We had the opportunity to teach a referall named Syl. She was a middle aged woman, who when we first went in to meet with her, had a concept of God, but thought He was just some imaginary thing. By the time we left, she had tears running down her face and had a personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that the spirit testified to her of what we were saying was true, and that she was truly converted through the spirit. We as missionaries can know everything in the world, but if we don't teach by and through the spirit, No true conversion will take place. I know this church is true, and I'm so grateful for these experiences I am having! I can't wait to continue to serve, and share the joy this Gospel brings to us, with others!
Love and miss everybody!! I also love to hear from everybody.... (:
Love Elder Hunt
P.S. please reply to this email via dear elder. I can't get back on until a week later when it's irrelevant then.. (:
P.S.S.S. Dad, thanks for you letter! our branch president talked to us a little about the Rock Center show with Brian Williams and how that is creating great exposure for us because people are inviting us in just to talk about mitt romney now. so it's a good experience. That's awesome to hear how they honored those 3 at the home football game... I'm glad you and mom get to spend so much time together!

LIVE Chat. . . it's the BEST!!

I had just returned from exercising this morning and thought I'd do a little computer work while I cooled down.  Good thing I did, because Elder Hunt got on line 5 minutes later!!  I LOVE sending emails back and forth in "real" time!  Here's our conversation:
I'm ONline!!! Are you home??? (:
woohoo!!! how are you?! (:
I just got back from exercising with MaryAnn...SOOOO glad I checked the computer first before jumping in the shower! 
good call! oh and my companion and district boys say they all love you! (:
So love CAN be bought!!  It pays to make good cinnamon rolls, right???  How long did they last?
true! about....1 night. hahaha they were great!! miss that icing!

Wow!  And I thought I may have sent TOO MANY cinnamon rolls...RIIIIGGHHHHTTTT!!
 Don't go outside on Thursday night!!!  BYU plays Washington State...
1.  Have you had to/gotten to play the piano yet?
2.  Are they doing the MTC choir thing?
thanks for the heads up...gah that was hard knowing everyone was there! oh well, i'm in a better place. take that adversary! mwaha! (:
1. Yes i've gotten to play the piano. Haven't had to play for meetings and such, but have had a little leisure time to just play! love that time! I'm also playing violin for a musical number "savior redeemer of my soul" i think is the name...but a guy is singing and i'm playing violin and it's great!
2. They do have the MTC choir, but we're not doing it since we're only here for 3 weeks. If it was longer we would, but you either get a temple walk or to go to choir and we really cherish that time to get off campus and take pictures!
Maybe I shouldn't tell you that we are going to be in town this weekend... but in case there's something you want us to drop off or pick up...
Dad wanted to give Nat a Father's blessing, so with it being Labor Day weekend, we decided to make a quick trip up.We're going to hike Timp Cave with Dan's family.  Brandon and Tannya can't make it, but they're going to join us Sat. afternoon when we drive to Brigham City for the temple open house, then Sunday we'll go to church with them.  Monday we hike Y Mountain early with Dan's family before heading back home.  SOOOOO, who has the violin????  That is cool that you get to do that!  
Is there any music you WISH you had?
Ha sounds like a bunch of fun! wish I could come! ;) the violin is owned by the MTC and you can rent it out for an hour at a I've been doing that. It's not a very good violin, but it works, and it's ok. No there's no music I wish I had except for those arrangements in that book that we use for church things be still my soul! can't believe that one isn't in there!
What time do you get the "dear Elder" mail?
I sent you one with a "mom's missionary moment" I had yesterday...with a community service worker...
I can't print you'll have to send it. and we check mail twice a day and once on saturday. none sunday. we check it at about 12 and 5 each if you submit it a little bit before then...then i should get it right when I check it...
Did you get today's yet?  Oh wait!  It's not noon.  DUH!!  *_*
  So, have you been getting a lot of letters and packages?  Some?  Just from your mom???   HA!!
What about your companion?  District?  Or was that why they liked the cinnamon was THEIR first package!!
I've only gotten packages from you, and that first expected one from Erika. Did she tell you that I need another memory card for my camera? well i do... ha i only get letters (dear elders) from you, kristy, and got one from julie, and dad. Only have gotten one hard letter from erika. Hope she's doing good, and hope all of you are too!  Oh and tell Rocky and Cherie the cookies they sent were amazing!
Okay, so I shouldn't slack up on the letters and packages...right?
nope, definitely don't slack with those! I love them! they are the highlight of the day (: I'm glad you talk to Erika...Let her know that  I love her, and that she'll be comforted if she reads the scriptures. You wouldn't think of it that way, but they really do help in every apsect of's amazing the difference. Well, glad things are going good. Time's up for me, so I gotta go off the computer. Love you! you can reply through dear elder if you want. (: I'll send my big email in a second! love you!!! Love Elder Hunt
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.   What is Erika's address at BYU?? I don't have it so i can't write to her right now until I have it. thanks!
P.SS.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. I love yoU!! Bye!!!

MADE MY DAY!!!  *_*

Saturday, August 25, 2012

2nd Snail-Mail MTC Letter from Dallin

So I didn't get to read any replies in emails, so I'm not sure what anyone said.  But to answer your DearElder letters, I wish we had that rain up here!  Sounds fun down there.  I don't have Nat's address so let me know what it is, okay?
So, the guys in my district from Canada are from Calgary (2), Ontario (1), Edmonton (1) and British Colombia (1).  
Stuff I won't need to take with me is just some extra clothes.  There's NO WAY I could fit the winter boots in my luggage so...yeah...don't buy them.  I'll have to get some in Halifax.

So, I felt really depressed tonight for a few minutes.  (Wow!  When I'm feeling depressed it usually lasts longer than "a few minutes!")  I walked outside, and could hear the band and crowd cheering from BYU Stadium...that moment = heartbreak.  Everyone I know, all my friends, Erika, my rugby boys...everyone is at that game.  (This about ripped my heart!)

It was really hard to hear...but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than here right now.  I'm having such great experiences, and I'm doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do.

Well, not much spare time to write!  I love and miss everyone SOOO much!!  Hard copy pictures are great too...4x6  :)  (We sent some in emails, but I guess we better have them printed and sent as Walgreens for that!!)

P.S. (wait!  he forgot to sign his letter!!)  Put this check in my account?  :)  (Thanks to Radmalls!)   And did you pick up my last check from Fabulous Freddy's?  (Oops!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2nd MTC Letter...via 1st EMAIL

Hello Family! (and mostly mom...tehe)  (Yes, he's a SMART boy!)
So there are alot of things that I need to talk about and address and have VERY little here goes nothing.
Sue Hampson's guess was almost pinpoint on! My compy is from Calgary and is the best guy I've ever met. However, he doesn't ski. Tough luck there Sue.

I'll have to look into leaving some stuff in that box at the MTC that someone can pickup. There are definitely some things I have that I won't be needing. 

Thanks for taking care of the Warrant out for my arrest!... (:  (He had been cited for a taillight not working, but when he drove off, the officer saw that the taillight came back on, so he called our home and said he was changing the citation to a warning...only the clerk didn't see the note, and we got a letter saying a warrant would be issued if Dallin didn't come to court...but it was at the MTC, soooooo...  Luckily, I just called the clerk, brought the error to her attention, she discovered the note, and made the change.  Hooray!)

Good job on doing your personal study mom!! and I hope everyone else gets some in too. It really helps the day go so much better when you have the spirit with you. 

My district is awesome... We have: Elder Hunt and Elder Nzojibwami, Elder Diodati and Elder Layton,  Elder Penitch and Elder Dubyk.  Us three companionships are all going to Canada Halifax. All of us are Canadian, except me...but they have adopted me to be Canadian already as I've been saying washroom rather than bathroom, and eh, and lots of other things. So I'm on my way!  

Elder Bennett, Elder Lott, Elder Kleinman, Elder Schieffer, Elder Davis and Elder Palmer are also in our district, and those three companionships are all going to the Oregon, Portland mission. So we're all really tight as a district and we love each other so much. 

I'm learning some French from my companion who had french as his first language. So its pretty cool. Oh, tell Tyler I love him, and good luck, and to let me know when he is leaving back to Virginia.
Dad, really great to hear from you! I've gotten into a pretty good routine. Church was fantastic here. The spirit is always so strong and you just want to keep on keepin on all the time! 

We watched a talk on Sunday night by Elder Bednar from 2006 titled "recognizing the spirit". It was the most powerful talk I have ever heard. It made me realize that blowing out my knee really was for the purpose of me being able to spend more time with Denzel and that was time that Heavenly Father knew I needed. It really strengthened my testimony of the Gospel and the work going on here. 

My teachers here are just amazing too. We have Brother Robison and Sister Roll, but both will be leaving next week due to pregnancy and school starting. So we'll get some new ones and hopefully they are just as good. They have a lot to live up to so we'll see. 

Tell Payden bye for me! and to get ready for such an amazing experience at the MTC.  Love you dad!!
Mom, I love getting your letters and packages and everything is just fantastic! I really wish I had more time to write, but only a half hour here in the MTC. Also, the thumbdrive, my recorder, my camera, and anything that I plug into the computer, I can't use while I'm here at the MTC. So I can't receive or send any voice recordings while here in the MTC. I can receive picture attachments via email, but I cannot send ANYTHING!   Major bummer, but that just means you'll have a TON of stuff to listen to and see when I get out into the field in a couple of weeks. I'll hold onto all that stuff, continue taking recordings, and continuing taking pictures as well and save them for when i'm out of the MTC. 

Patience is a skill, and just remember to have that right now, cuz I know you really want to hear and see things from me. (: be happy! I love you so much!  (I AM patient!!!*#%@*)


Friday, August 17, 2012

First MTC Letter Arrived TODAY!!!

Wow!  He's good!!  It's only been two days (actually, 1 1/2!) and we have a snail mail letter!!  AND it has the answer to the MTC Companion question.  Read the letter for details!

Hey Mom, Dad, and Family!
Day 1 at the MTC is over and I'm about to spend my first night.  I have felt the Spirit so strong, as we jumped straight into three different teaching opportunities today.  Had to teach a Mexican, who fell in love; a war veteran who lost a leg; and an Italian who lost his wife.  It was crazy  to jump right into it, but was amazing as I felt of the I love it!

Ok, so get this.  My companion is from Calgary, Canada.  He is black and was born in some country in Africa.  He speaks French as his first language, and English.  And get this.  We are pretty much the same person!  He brought exercise cords, too!  He is about as tall as me, and loves sports, AND is conscious (like me) about not gaining weight...we couldn't be happier together!!  I love him already!  But I'll tell you more in my email!

My email day is Tuesday, so be ready!  Don't know what time yet, though.

Well, I love you!  Time is crammed here, so get used to me jumping around!  :)

Elder Hunt

P.S.  My campanion's name is Elder Nzojibwami (pronounced Elder Zo-gee-bwah-me)

So, Sue Hampson WINS!!!  Way to go Sue!  And great first letter from Elder Hunt!!


On the drive to Provo, Rod, Dallin and I started making "predictions" regarding his MTC companion.  Then I sent out texts asking for more input.  Here's what we came up with:

Dalllin - Poly from Samoa
Rod - Kid from Draper
Patrice - Cowboy from Wyoming
Jaimi - Convert from Germany
Brandon - Beach Bum from the west coast
Tannya - Mexico...(could that be because of Elder Kyle Hoopes??)
Kristy - Hispanic from Mexico (wow!  Did you and Tannya collaborate?)
Amelia- Computer geek from Cedar City
Natalee - Hipster from California
Erika - Samoan, for sure!  (And that was with no input from Elder Hunt!)
Kent - Rugger from New Zealand
Trish - Swimmer from Florida
Grandfather Barton - Repentant Rapper from LA
Cory - Gangsta from Tennessee
Jessica - Cowboy from Nashville
MaryAnn - Redneck from Kanab
Sue Hampson - Skier from Calgary

(Comment and I'll add your guess to the list!!)

Sooooo, I'll post it as soon as we hear from Elder Hunt!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Elder Hunt Enters the MTC

Ahhhhh, the window...says it all!!

"Two years" is relative:
730 days; 17,520 hours
1,051,200 minutes
2 Christmas holidays!

Dad, Dal and I left Santa Clara this morning at 7:00 a.m. (well, 7:10, to be exact!) and headed to Mapleton. Dallin said it was the longest, boring-est drive EVER!!  Yep, we didn't listen to any music.  Talked some, listened to a WW II story some...but none of us were really into it.  Just a long drive and lots of anticipation!

I didn't go to bed at all last night, so I was kind in overdrive-mode.

In Spanish Fork we were stopped at a signal and could smell something REALLY good.  Sure enough, it was Cafe Rio.  We turned around and picked up "one last Cafe Rio meal"  for Dal then headed to the Mapleton Barton's home.  We ate lunch, Dallin showered and put on his missionary clothes.  He had a final "chat" with Harrison, then Dad and I, Nat and Dal headed into town.  A quick stop at Missionary Mall before heading to the Provo Temple, where we walked around and took pictures, then Dal drove himself to the MTC...we came along, of course!

Maybe I'm a very biased mother, even though I try hard NOT to be, but it seems that the last year of 'hard knocks' for Dallin, and for our family, has helped him mature and be very prepared for his mission.  He looks, to me, like a RETURNING missionary...not one just leaving!!

No tears saying good-bye...until about ten minutes later driving to the freeway.  
By the time we got on the freeway, I didn't need a tissue anymore.  We are SO happy and excited for Dallin!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Missionary Open House

Tyler Nielson, Harrison Schram, & Brandon Hunt
We had a nice Open House after Sacrament Meeting in our backyard.  It was VERY warm, but we had some cloudy skies, so that helped.

Wish we would have taken more pictures of everyone...thanks to all the family and friends who traveled to share this special time with us!!
Jacqui and Karen Moncrief, and Mom

Hans, Amelia & Dezmond Kirchhausen, Kristy, Dad, Dallin,
 Mom, Nat, Tannya, Nikki and Brandon Hunt

Nikki and Uncle Dallin

Grandma and Nikki

Dad, Grandpa Devon, Grandma Faith,
Gary & MaryAnn Zabriskie, Mom & Jodi Yates

Harrison Schram

Jordan, Tara, Kent, Trish, Dallin and Erika

Kristy and Dallin

Dallin and Nat

Mission Farewell Talk

Dallin spoke in church today, along with "youth speaker" Stetson Reed, and newly returned missionary Berkeley Ward.  Each of these young men gave EXCELLENT talks!!  It was a great meeting.  And the youth sang The Army of Helaman medley.  It sounded really good, as usual!

Here is Dallin's talk:

I know that most of you are here to listen to Elder Ward report, but if you could just pretend to be here for me it’d make me feel a lot better.

It’s a little weird being here today, because it seems like we just barely were sending Berkeley off on his mission.  And now he’s home.  Suddenly it's my turn to leave.   I’m excited to have the opportunity to go out and serve the Lord for these next two years.

When I opened my mission call, and saw that I would be serving in the Canada-Halifax mission, my mom and I both kinda looked at each other and freaked out because she served in the exact same mission.   I was really excited about my call, but that was before I started thinking about how I’ve lived in sunny St. George my entire life, and how my thin blood is gonna freeze real quick during the cold winters my mom’s told me about..  I already know the cold will be interesting for me to deal with.. and without even leaving for Canada yet, I’ve already acquired the nickname “Elder Hoser”.  So I guess I’ve got a couple things to look forward to.

It seems like just barely that I was back in middle school and would see older guys going on missions and I would think that it was forever away for me… It wasn’t.  And  little did I know 8th grade was where I would begin to learn a lesson that would help me with my farewell talk.

During that time, I was in a class where we were having a big discussion/argument about whose lives are harder…boys, or girls. Regardless of what I wanted to argue, I knew that if I wanted to live I should side with the girls. One of my buddies however decided to side with the boys and have a standoff with Jaycee Jolley. It got pretty heated in the class and finally the bell rang. But as me and that particular buddy were walking down the hallway right after, out of his frustration about some of Jaycee’s arguments, he said “Jaycee is just a stuck up, superficial Barbie..” Now, naturally I didn’t want her to hear that he said that, so I decided to be brilliant and turn around to check if she was behind us… After a very massive slap to the face, I found out she was. She thought it was me who had said that about her and decided a slap would make us even.

I learned two things that day… One, don’t call girls superficial, no matter how you feel… and two, be quick to forgive.   It took me a little time to forgive Jaycee for leaving a red handprint on my cheek for the rest of the school day, especially since I wasn’t the one who had said the rude things!   But I realized no good would come from holding onto the anger, so I let it go. .. Now, we’re able to look back on that as a good memory rather than a hardening grudge.

Now, fast forward a bit. I learned a lot of lessons dealing with forgiveness throughout high school, but nothing could compare to this past year.

In particular, the last few months have been a complete roller coaster of emotions for me. I’ve had extreme highs, such as receiving my mission call to Canada, and extreme lows as when my brother passed away.

When Denzel died, It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I was so frustrated and hurt for the longest time at so many different things. I was caught up in all of the “I should’ve done this” or “why didn’t they do that” and found myself blaming many people including myself. In his 2012 General Conference talk, President Uchtdorf points out  that we know it is wrong to blame others for things. I knew in my heart I shouldn’t be judging and blaming other people, but I still did it anyway.

President Uchtdorf continued by talking about Christ and how he forgives us of our sins, and that we must also forgive others if we are to be forgiven. He then went on to say “ Of course, these words seem perfectly reasonable—when applied to someone else. We can so clearly and easily see the harmful results that come when others judge and hold grudges. And we certainly don’t like it when people judge us. But when it comes to our own prejudices and grievances, we too often justify our anger as righteous, and our judgment as reliable and only appropriate. Though we cannot look into another’s heart, we assume that we know a bad motive or even a bad person when we see one. We make exceptions when it comes to our own bitterness because we feel that, in our case, we have all the information we need to hold someone else in contempt.”

That quote pretty much describes everything I was feeling.

I was trying to justify it in myself that it was ok for me to be feeling these things since my brother had just died. I was angry and frustrated with Denzel himself, with others around me, and even with Heavenly Father.  Having grown up in the Gospel, I understood the plan of salvation, and I understood that I shouldn’t have these feelings toward Heavenly father or anyone else, but for some reason, I still did. While going through these feelings and trying to sort them out, I hated the feeling I had in my heart because I was frustrated with Heavenly Father.

So after a little time, I finally faced myself and it just clicked in my brain, like “it’s not worth it to feel like this.” So after taking time to forgive everyone around me, It came time for me to forgive myself. And that was probably the hardest part.

I blamed myself for something in every little memory or experience that I could remember with Denzel.  Thinking, that somehow, If I had done something different, he might still be alive. But, as I continued to read the scriptures and pray, I came to realize that I couldn’t have done anything different, and that everything does happen for a reason. Once I was able to realize that, and forgive myself, I felt the spirit flow back into my life, and saw the blessings that accompany it.

I don’t ever want to forget Denzel, and thankfully I don’t have to because of the Plan of Salvation, which is made possible through the mercy and forgiveness that the Lord gives to each of us. Forgiving doesn’t mean we forget, or that things don’t still hurt us…but it does allow us to be freed from the grip of anger and resentment, and we are able to have the spirit with us to comfort and protect us.

There’s a quote I really like from Nelson Mandela, that says, “Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.”  If we remember to forgive others and ourselves, we will become stronger in the Gospel because Satan won’t be able to use those dark feelings against us anymore.  Satan will try to convince us that we have not been forgiven of our sins because we can remember them.
That’s  a lie.

He tries to steer us away from repentance and forgiveness. The memory of our sins will be softened over time, and as we stay faithful, remembering them will help us to avoid making those same mistakes again.

A short memory was brought back to me when I read a part of President Uchtdorf’s talk, where he said “Let us, as disciples of Jesus Christ, return good for evil. Let us not seek revenge or allow our wrath to overcome us.”

One time I was helping a friend on a workbench where he was working with wood and cutting it into all shapes and sizes. My job was to place the wood on the workbench, and use a vice to secure it. If you don’t know what a vice is, it’s a tool that pushes on both the top and bottom of something, and you can tighten it so that whatever is in between doesn’t move. So, I tightened the vice and didn’t think much of it. But, on one of the pieces of wood, I tightened the vice too much and the piece of wood split, and broke.

Reading that quote by President Uchtdorf reminded me of this experience because it all finally made sense. We are like the pieces of wood, and Satan is the vice. We go throughout life and things happen to us, but it is up to us to choose whether to forgive or not. If we choose not to forgive, that vice has more power over us and continues to be tightened. If we continue to hold grudges and not forgive others, as well as ourselves, that vice can be tightened to the point where our wrath overcomes us, and we break. But, if we make that conscious decision to forgive, then that vice must be loosened to the proper pressure that we can deal with.
Forgiveness has been a huge part of my life. I have an amazing example in my parents who constantly remind, and show me how important it is to forgive, no matter how small, or how big, the issue might be.

Now, as I am faced with leaving on my mission in a few days, I think about serving as a missionary for the next two years and what I will be teaching people about the gospel.  Probably one of the bigger gospel principles missionaries teach is the importance of repentance, and thus forgiveness.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Everyone.  Everyone has sinned at one time or another.  Everyone.  (Except for our Savior, of course.)  The most crucial point of gospel doctrine is THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST.  Jesus Christ is the literal Son of God.  He came to Earth as an infant son of a mortal mother and an immortal Father, even God, the Eternal Father.  As such, Jesus Christ was and is the ONLY being to ever live on the Earth and have the capability to ATONE, pay the price, for our sins and our mistakes.  He DID atone for them. 

It is up to each of us to decide whether we will accept this, the greatest of ALL gifts, by repenting, and by forgiving.  If we do not forgive ourselves of our sins AND our mistakes, and forgive others as well , we cannot make much spiritual progress.   We MUST learn how to forgive.

I'm excited to be called to serve as a missionary for the next two years.  I bear testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth.  Because of that, we can each learn to repent and to forgive. I know this is important to our being able to return to live with our families, our Savior and our Heavenly Father for eternity.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

O Canada

When Dallin, Erika, Dad and I drove to Las Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera, we learned Canada's national anthem.

By the time we arrived on the Strip, we were all belting out the words:

O Canada, our home and native land,
True patriot love in all thy sons command,
With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the true north strong and free.
From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land, glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!

(You'll be singing it a lot, Dallin!!)