Saturday, August 25, 2012

2nd Snail-Mail MTC Letter from Dallin

So I didn't get to read any replies in emails, so I'm not sure what anyone said.  But to answer your DearElder letters, I wish we had that rain up here!  Sounds fun down there.  I don't have Nat's address so let me know what it is, okay?
So, the guys in my district from Canada are from Calgary (2), Ontario (1), Edmonton (1) and British Colombia (1).  
Stuff I won't need to take with me is just some extra clothes.  There's NO WAY I could fit the winter boots in my luggage so...yeah...don't buy them.  I'll have to get some in Halifax.

So, I felt really depressed tonight for a few minutes.  (Wow!  When I'm feeling depressed it usually lasts longer than "a few minutes!")  I walked outside, and could hear the band and crowd cheering from BYU Stadium...that moment = heartbreak.  Everyone I know, all my friends, Erika, my rugby boys...everyone is at that game.  (This about ripped my heart!)

It was really hard to hear...but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than here right now.  I'm having such great experiences, and I'm doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do.

Well, not much spare time to write!  I love and miss everyone SOOO much!!  Hard copy pictures are great too...4x6  :)  (We sent some in emails, but I guess we better have them printed and sent as Walgreens for that!!)

P.S. (wait!  he forgot to sign his letter!!)  Put this check in my account?  :)  (Thanks to Radmalls!)   And did you pick up my last check from Fabulous Freddy's?  (Oops!)

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