Friday, August 17, 2012

First MTC Letter Arrived TODAY!!!

Wow!  He's good!!  It's only been two days (actually, 1 1/2!) and we have a snail mail letter!!  AND it has the answer to the MTC Companion question.  Read the letter for details!

Hey Mom, Dad, and Family!
Day 1 at the MTC is over and I'm about to spend my first night.  I have felt the Spirit so strong, as we jumped straight into three different teaching opportunities today.  Had to teach a Mexican, who fell in love; a war veteran who lost a leg; and an Italian who lost his wife.  It was crazy  to jump right into it, but was amazing as I felt of the I love it!

Ok, so get this.  My companion is from Calgary, Canada.  He is black and was born in some country in Africa.  He speaks French as his first language, and English.  And get this.  We are pretty much the same person!  He brought exercise cords, too!  He is about as tall as me, and loves sports, AND is conscious (like me) about not gaining weight...we couldn't be happier together!!  I love him already!  But I'll tell you more in my email!

My email day is Tuesday, so be ready!  Don't know what time yet, though.

Well, I love you!  Time is crammed here, so get used to me jumping around!  :)

Elder Hunt

P.S.  My campanion's name is Elder Nzojibwami (pronounced Elder Zo-gee-bwah-me)

So, Sue Hampson WINS!!!  Way to go Sue!  And great first letter from Elder Hunt!!

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