Thursday, August 30, 2012

Letter to Dad...since he talked to me on-line...

First off, I love and miss you so much!  Wish I could be there with you doing the chain gang and having hamburgers on Friday nights.  Two years and we'll do it again!:)

Ok, so we went to the temple yesterday and did a session.  I ran into a worker there that asked where my dad was from, and turns out he thinks we're related!  (What was the first clue?  That Dad is from Waterflow, New Mexico and the temple worker knew exactly where that was???)  See if you know or can find out about Franklin Burnett Hunt.  He said it is his less-active cousin that is from Waterflow, New Mexico.  (Yup!  That's Squeak's cousin and Slim's least that's Dad's guess!)

Oh, also during the endowment session yesterday, I fell asleep and I guess I moaned really loudly in my sleep.  My companion hit me awake and everyone was staring at me!  Super awkward!  (I've always wondered if anyone ever did that. . .  MY son!!)  Ha...another story to add to the memories!  :)

Take care!

Elder Hunt

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