Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28th MTC Letter

Bonjour Family!
So as you know my companion is teaching me a little French! (: I'm loving it! 

Before I forget, be sure and tell Rocky and Cherie thanks SO MUCH for the cookies they sent me! They made my day and were amazing! I don't have their address or i'd write them. 

Also, thanks for your cinnamon rolls as well mom! That made the district and myself so happy and we were all in heaven! I got the packages a couple hours before the letter, so it worked out perfect (:

I'm so excited to get to Canada and have some real investigators! I really love the MTC, but it'll be nice to get out of such a dictated routine and be able to plan for real people. 

All of the elders in my district do have pretty good family support...but All of them Love you, Mom, and kinda want to hear from you...so if you find spare time, maybe write each one a short dear elder? haha they really love you so much mom! 

My companion Elder Nzojibwami is 18, and turns 19 in October...but he moved to Calgary when he was 2. Family is from Burundi, and then lived in Belgium for 2 years, then up to Canada! so that's his story. Parents were driven out by hostile environment, but the church saved them and they are amazing people. Love them. 

I'm glad you are patient Mom!!! Thank you!!!! (: 

I'm having such amazing experiences here at the MTC. We had the opportunity to teach a referall named Syl. She was a middle aged woman, who when we first went in to meet with her, had a concept of God, but thought He was just some imaginary thing. By the time we left, she had tears running down her face and had a personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that the spirit testified to her of what we were saying was true, and that she was truly converted through the spirit. We as missionaries can know everything in the world, but if we don't teach by and through the spirit, No true conversion will take place. I know this church is true, and I'm so grateful for these experiences I am having! I can't wait to continue to serve, and share the joy this Gospel brings to us, with others!
Love and miss everybody!! I also love to hear from everybody.... (:
Love Elder Hunt
P.S. please reply to this email via dear elder. I can't get back on until a week later when it's irrelevant then.. (:
P.S.S.S. Dad, thanks for you letter! our branch president talked to us a little about the Rock Center show with Brian Williams and how that is creating great exposure for us because people are inviting us in just to talk about mitt romney now. so it's a good experience. That's awesome to hear how they honored those 3 at the home football game... I'm glad you and mom get to spend so much time together!

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