Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LIVE Chat. . . it's the BEST!!

I had just returned from exercising this morning and thought I'd do a little computer work while I cooled down.  Good thing I did, because Elder Hunt got on line 5 minutes later!!  I LOVE sending emails back and forth in "real" time!  Here's our conversation:
I'm ONline!!! Are you home??? (:
woohoo!!! how are you?! (:
I just got back from exercising with MaryAnn...SOOOO glad I checked the computer first before jumping in the shower! 
good call! oh and my companion and district boys say they all love you! (:
So love CAN be bought!!  It pays to make good cinnamon rolls, right???  How long did they last?
true! about....1 night. hahaha they were great!! miss that icing!

Wow!  And I thought I may have sent TOO MANY cinnamon rolls...RIIIIGGHHHHTTTT!!
 Don't go outside on Thursday night!!!  BYU plays Washington State...
1.  Have you had to/gotten to play the piano yet?
2.  Are they doing the MTC choir thing?
thanks for the heads up...gah that was hard knowing everyone was there! oh well, i'm in a better place. take that adversary! mwaha! (:
1. Yes i've gotten to play the piano. Haven't had to play for meetings and such, but have had a little leisure time to just play! love that time! I'm also playing violin for a musical number "savior redeemer of my soul" i think is the name...but a guy is singing and i'm playing violin and it's great!
2. They do have the MTC choir, but we're not doing it since we're only here for 3 weeks. If it was longer we would, but you either get a temple walk or to go to choir and we really cherish that time to get off campus and take pictures!
Maybe I shouldn't tell you that we are going to be in town this weekend... but in case there's something you want us to drop off or pick up...
Dad wanted to give Nat a Father's blessing, so with it being Labor Day weekend, we decided to make a quick trip up.We're going to hike Timp Cave with Dan's family.  Brandon and Tannya can't make it, but they're going to join us Sat. afternoon when we drive to Brigham City for the temple open house, then Sunday we'll go to church with them.  Monday we hike Y Mountain early with Dan's family before heading back home.  SOOOOO, who has the violin????  That is cool that you get to do that!  
Is there any music you WISH you had?
Ha sounds like a bunch of fun! wish I could come! ;) the violin is owned by the MTC and you can rent it out for an hour at a time...so I've been doing that. It's not a very good violin, but it works, and it's ok. No there's no music I wish I had except for those arrangements in that book that we use for church things usually...like be still my soul! can't believe that one isn't in there!
What time do you get the "dear Elder" mail?
I sent you one with a "mom's missionary moment" I had yesterday...with a community service worker...
I can't print anything..so you'll have to send it. and we check mail twice a day and once on saturday. none sunday. we check it at about 12 and 5 each day...so if you submit it a little bit before then...then i should get it right when I check it...
Did you get today's yet?  Oh wait!  It's not noon.  DUH!!  *_*
  So, have you been getting a lot of letters and packages?  Some?  Just from your mom???   HA!!
What about your companion?  District?  Or was that why they liked the cinnamon rolls...it was THEIR first package!!
I've only gotten packages from you, and that first expected one from Erika. Did she tell you that I need another memory card for my camera? well i do... ha i only get letters (dear elders) from you, kristy, and got one from julie, and dad. Only have gotten one hard letter from erika. Hope she's doing good, and hope all of you are too!  Oh and tell Rocky and Cherie the cookies they sent were amazing!
Okay, so I shouldn't slack up on the letters and packages...right?
nope, definitely don't slack with those! I love them! they are the highlight of the day (: I'm glad you talk to Erika...Let her know that  I love her, and that she'll be comforted if she reads the scriptures. You wouldn't think of it that way, but they really do help in every apsect of life...it's amazing the difference. Well, glad things are going good. Time's up for me, so I gotta go off the computer. Love you! you can reply through dear elder if you want. (: I'll send my big email in a second! love you!!! Love Elder Hunt
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.   What is Erika's address at BYU?? I don't have it so i can't write to her right now until I have it. thanks!
P.SS.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. I love yoU!! Bye!!!

MADE MY DAY!!!  *_*

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