Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2nd MTC Letter...via 1st EMAIL

Hello Family! (and mostly mom...tehe)  (Yes, he's a SMART boy!)
So there are alot of things that I need to talk about and address and have VERY little time...so here goes nothing.
Sue Hampson's guess was almost pinpoint on! My compy is from Calgary and is the best guy I've ever met. However, he doesn't ski. Tough luck there Sue.

I'll have to look into leaving some stuff in that box at the MTC that someone can pickup. There are definitely some things I have that I won't be needing. 

Thanks for taking care of the Warrant out for my arrest!... (:  (He had been cited for a taillight not working, but when he drove off, the officer saw that the taillight came back on, so he called our home and said he was changing the citation to a warning...only the clerk didn't see the note, and we got a letter saying a warrant would be issued if Dallin didn't come to court...but it was at the MTC, soooooo...  Luckily, I just called the clerk, brought the error to her attention, she discovered the note, and made the change.  Hooray!)

Good job on doing your personal study mom!! and I hope everyone else gets some in too. It really helps the day go so much better when you have the spirit with you. 

My district is awesome... We have: Elder Hunt and Elder Nzojibwami, Elder Diodati and Elder Layton,  Elder Penitch and Elder Dubyk.  Us three companionships are all going to Canada Halifax. All of us are Canadian, except me...but they have adopted me to be Canadian already as I've been saying washroom rather than bathroom, and eh, and lots of other things. So I'm on my way!  

Elder Bennett, Elder Lott, Elder Kleinman, Elder Schieffer, Elder Davis and Elder Palmer are also in our district, and those three companionships are all going to the Oregon, Portland mission. So we're all really tight as a district and we love each other so much. 

I'm learning some French from my companion who had french as his first language. So its pretty cool. Oh, tell Tyler I love him, and good luck, and to let me know when he is leaving back to Virginia.
Dad, really great to hear from you! I've gotten into a pretty good routine. Church was fantastic here. The spirit is always so strong and you just want to keep on keepin on all the time! 

We watched a talk on Sunday night by Elder Bednar from 2006 titled "recognizing the spirit". It was the most powerful talk I have ever heard. It made me realize that blowing out my knee really was for the purpose of me being able to spend more time with Denzel and that was time that Heavenly Father knew I needed. It really strengthened my testimony of the Gospel and the work going on here. 

My teachers here are just amazing too. We have Brother Robison and Sister Roll, but both will be leaving next week due to pregnancy and school starting. So we'll get some new ones and hopefully they are just as good. They have a lot to live up to so we'll see. 

Tell Payden bye for me! and to get ready for such an amazing experience at the MTC.  Love you dad!!
Mom, I love getting your letters and packages and everything is just fantastic! I really wish I had more time to write, but only a half hour here in the MTC. Also, the thumbdrive, my recorder, my camera, and anything that I plug into the computer, I can't use while I'm here at the MTC. So I can't receive or send any voice recordings while here in the MTC. I can receive picture attachments via email, but I cannot send ANYTHING!   Major bummer, but that just means you'll have a TON of stuff to listen to and see when I get out into the field in a couple of weeks. I'll hold onto all that stuff, continue taking recordings, and continuing taking pictures as well and save them for when i'm out of the MTC. 

Patience is a skill, and just remember to have that right now, cuz I know you really want to hear and see things from me. (: be happy! I love you so much!  (I AM patient!!!*#%@*)


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