Friday, August 17, 2012


On the drive to Provo, Rod, Dallin and I started making "predictions" regarding his MTC companion.  Then I sent out texts asking for more input.  Here's what we came up with:

Dalllin - Poly from Samoa
Rod - Kid from Draper
Patrice - Cowboy from Wyoming
Jaimi - Convert from Germany
Brandon - Beach Bum from the west coast
Tannya - Mexico...(could that be because of Elder Kyle Hoopes??)
Kristy - Hispanic from Mexico (wow!  Did you and Tannya collaborate?)
Amelia- Computer geek from Cedar City
Natalee - Hipster from California
Erika - Samoan, for sure!  (And that was with no input from Elder Hunt!)
Kent - Rugger from New Zealand
Trish - Swimmer from Florida
Grandfather Barton - Repentant Rapper from LA
Cory - Gangsta from Tennessee
Jessica - Cowboy from Nashville
MaryAnn - Redneck from Kanab
Sue Hampson - Skier from Calgary

(Comment and I'll add your guess to the list!!)

Sooooo, I'll post it as soon as we hear from Elder Hunt!

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