Monday, December 30, 2013


Dear Family,

Always interesting stuff going on in the mission field:
  • Looking at thrift stores to find a possible cheap suit since mine is so big on me now…but not a whole lot of luck; 
  • Finding ourselves in a bit of a rough crowd one evening and needing to get out of there quick…we did!    
  • Playing laser tag at a member’s home (Meisters) on Christmas Eve, having dinner, and a lot of fun there, but also REALLY missing everyone back home…(it didn't help that a movie we watched had a girl named “Erika” in it!!  J
  •  Opening Christmas presents on Christmas Day…except that my companion only had one gift to open from a member since his package from home ended up in the wrong location…
  • Dealing with others’ emotional difficulties, and sometimes having no idea how to do that; 
  • Having my cough/cold act up and sleeping on the couch to help reduce how much I cough; 
  • Being really tired because of lack of sleep, but working hard and going out anyway, and being blessed with some cool missionary experiences; 
  • And holding the hand of a lady I have grown to love (Jean Costain, in the nursing home) and understanding how good it feels to have someone hold your hand, (reminiscent of my own hospital stay a couple of years ago…)
So, that’s the “brief recap."

Now for a few details and pictures:
(Just so you don't think I'm exaggerating on the last few snow storms we've had here...)

 Christmas Eve was a lot of fun, combined with a lot of different emotions...we did a lot of visiting with members during the day, then in the evening we went to the Meisters for dinner and LASER TAG throughout their house...what a blast!!!  And then the reminders of home...not such a blast...but it definitely has given me a much greater appreciation for family and all that it means to me.



'Christmas Day was also hard, but good.  Can’t express how much I missed everyone over the holidays!  But we also had some good times here.   All the packages I received from everyone were amazing!!  I’m all set with heater bags,  foot and hand warmers, slippers, toothbrushes/toothpaste/dental floss, pills to ward off cold sores, and lots of food & snacks and my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookies supplies!!!

 After opening presents, Elder Urick and I, (and some of the other missionaries), went over to the Tibbitts and we all helped make breakfast together.  My contribution was a PERFECT coffee cake made from scratch.  All of the breakfast was REALLY good.

 It was great to Skype with everyone and to see you. When we weren’t skyping with our families, we were playing Dominoes, or just relaxing.  It was a great day...for a hard day.  In the evening we went to the Gallant’s home.  There was all kinds of food there and I even tried the lobster, but it still makes me gag, so I settled for everything else!

This week we have had some great missionary experiences with some Filipino people.  The first was a family (husband, wife and 8 year old daughter) who invited us in and were very interested in our message.  It was fun to talk a bit with him about the Philippines, food, culture and stuff because of Brandon serving his mission in the Philippines. 
Then, a couple of nights later (on Dad’s and Mom’s anniversary!) we went out even though my cough has been really bad.  Our appointments fell through and it was a bit discouraging, but then we knocked on a door, a Filipino lady answered it and immediately invited us in.  There were SIX Filipino friends there that huddled on the couch together and sat listening intently as we taught them about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of Christ’s church.  It turned out that one of them found a Book of Mormon at a friend’s house a little while ago and took it.  She had read the introduction page and wanted to know more.  So we have picked up six new investigators because of that meeting. 



It never ceases to amaze me how our Heavenly Father blesses us in our missionary efforts as we work hard and do all in our power to do the things we’re supposed to be doing, even when it’s really hard.

I hope you all do everything you can to do what YOU are supposed to be doing because I know you will be blessed as you keep the commandments and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Elder Hunt

Monday, December 23, 2013

Two Days Before Christmas. . .

Dear Family,

Well, being in the mission field is definitely different!!  Even the second time around.   Oh well, I'm trying to enjoy it because I know NEXT year it will be different...if you know what I mean!  I sound like  broken record, but we got hit with a couple more snow storms.  Too bad we don't get paid for all the snow shoveling we do.  We do plenty!  Good thing I enjoy it!!


Last Tuesday we woke up at 5:45 to get ready and then head to our Christmas Zone Conference.  It was a great day!  We had training the first half of the conference, the members made us a big turkey dinner, then the second half of the conference was the really fun part!  Many people performed talents, and then at the end, a few of us surprised everyone with the Haka.  Elders Tusa, Thurnot, Erickson, Collett and myself all did the Ka Mate Haka.  We wore lava lavas over our missionary clothes and it was a blast.  A lot of the missionaries had never seen anything like that before, so many got scared and absolutely shocked.  It felt great to finally get that adrenaline again from doing the haka with "my boys."  

Then we had a white elephant exchange which was a lot of fun.  I ended up with a photo collage of Elder Davidson...which worked out perfect since I was his trainer!  It was great to see so many missionaries that I know, and to be together for awhile.  The last part of the conference was very spiritual and I felt an incredible comfort come over me.  As people testified that we have loved ones "cheering us on" on both sides of the veil, the Spirit really touched me.  I miss Denz so's very hard this Christmas season, more-so than last this really helped.





And we got slammed by another storm on Thursday we did a lot of snow shovelling for members and just random people.  It's difficult to find people when the weather is SO bad, but we did manage a bit.  There is one older man that we found and have picked up as an investigator.  Had dinner with the Gallant's and he taught me how to make his "famous" taco shell recipe from scratch!!

 On Friday we met an interesting guy who had some very strange concepts of God.  Later we had a potluck dinner at the Meister's home and after that we dropped by the Adam's and caught them as they were preparing for a party.  We were able to meet a guy there who plays rugby and coaches the high school team.  We had a good talk and hopefully we'll be able to meet more later on.  And another storm came in Friday night!!

Saturday we made good use of all the snow from the storm and made a big snowman!!  Since it's harder to find people during the winter here, we have to be a little more creative in how we go about this.  Soooo, we made a seven foot snowman right on the side of a main road.  The pictures tell the rest of the story.  
It was pretty fun and loads of people have seen it throughout the day.  Later we visited with some people and then in the evening went out caroling with some of the other missionaries to some older ladies.  


And Sunday we woke up to ANOTHER winter storm!  We went to the church early to shovel everything out.  Church was only held for 1 hour due to the weather and there were a couple more cars that slid off the road coming out of the parking lot  (like happened a couple of weeks ago!)  However, in church we got a "shout out" from President Meister about our snowman we built!  Cool!!

The Summerside Branch all pitched in and brough things for us missionares for Christmas, and we ended up getting about 4 massive bags full of food and other things.  It was a major blessing because we were basically out of food.  After church we tried to make another snowman, but it wasn't sticky enough since it had been snowing all day.  But we had a big turkey dinner with an investigator family the sisters are teaching, which was really nice!  It was a fun night and we were able to be out of the snow!

Well, I'm REALLY looking forward to Christmas Day...because that means I'll be able to Skype with the family!!  See you soon!!!  Literally!!!

Elder Hunt