Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Week In The Life of a Mormon Missionary. . .

Dear Family,

So I told you last week about the interview that was done on us.  After we emailed home and everything on Monday, we went to the Credit Union Place (where we workout each morning) and the lady at the front desk said, “You made the front page!”  Sure enough, there we were on the front page of the Journal Pioneer.  The newspaper story really helped to get us recognized by lots of people.  It was really good.

Tuesday I was sick.  End of story.

Wednesday we woke up to tons of snow.  There was so much snow that schools, businesses and everything was shut down.  It worked out well because it gave me time to continue getting over being sick, and helped with getting Elder Tusa packed for his transfer. 
 AND I got a package from mom.  It was my “I Run With Denz” shirt, which was great!

Thursday we packed up the car with all of Elder Tusa’s stuff and made the drive off the island.  We made it to the Moncton Chapel where there was a large group of about 30 missionaries involved in transfers.  It was great to see people, but it was so sad to say good-bye to Elder Tusa.  We really have become such brothers.  This was one of the hardest good-byes since I’ve been on my mission.  Luckily we’ll get to see each other in about two weeks for the Christmas Zone Conference.

My new companion, Elder Urick, and I made the drive back to PEI, but ended up getting lost, and found ourselves in Nova Scotia!  So, we turned around and found the right way back to the island!  Elder Urick is from a farm in Montana, and he finishes his mission a few months before me. 

Friday we were out contacting after doing our weekly planning (and rehearsing some for some of the musical numbers we’ll be performing on Sunday.) So we were knocking on doors on Maddix Crescent when we knocked on a door that no one answered.  Elder Urick made a comment about  there’s gotta be SOMEONE elect around this area.   I promptly told him that there’s someone elect in every area…we just need to find them.  Two doors later a woman answered the door and invited us in after our explanation of who we were.  We could immediately tell she has been very prepared to receive the gospel.   It was a great experience!!

On Saturday our investigator got called in to work, so she couldn't keep the appointment we had set with her.   But she asked to reschedule with us before we could even make the suggestion.  That’s really great!  In the evening we went to the Nativity Pageant and one of our investigators came too.
So far I’m really enjoying being companions with Elder Urick.  He has a subtle sarcasm that is hilarious.  We get along well and I feel like good things are happening in Summerside.   When Elder Urick spoke in Church on Sunday, he gave A REALLY good talk …especially since it’s only his third talk ever, as he has only been a convert to the church for about 3 years.   

After church we went to visit Jean Costain at the care center.  Once again, many old folks came out to listen.    When I finally got up to leave,  one of the old ladies beckoned me over to her and asked in halting works… “Will. . . you. . . marry. . . me???”  That’s the first time I've been proposed to on my mission!!

We also got to watch the Christmas Devotional Sunday night.  It was excellent and I loved how they incorporated technology with it.  The message of the Spirit of Christmas hit me hard as I saw Temple Square, with the Christmas lights, and began to  miss it, since that was “home” for me.  Holidays on a mission can be tough because you miss frineds and family. . . but it’s also an amazing blessing as new friends/family are created in the areas where you serve.  Summerside is a special place to me, and I love the people here!!

And I love all of you, too!!

Elder Hunt

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