Monday, December 2, 2013

Elder Tusa's Getting Transferred...:(

Hello Family!
Tuesday we held our District meeting over Skype.  The Summerside missionaries met at Elder and Sister Tibbitts apartment, and they made us a big breakfast with French toast, sausage, eggs, and juice.  It was delicious and really appreciated!!! 
Later, our zone leaders came up for an exchange with us.  It was great to see Elder West again and we had a really good talk.  We had a great lesson with our investigator family, the Adams.  There was a little time left that night, and it’s easy to think “Well, let’s just head home…” but instead, we went to contact a referral…who happened to walk out of his apartment right when we got there.  And we were able to set up a lesson with him….always amazing to see God’s hand in our missionary work.
On Wednesday we did a bunch of service out at the Simmons.  Finished nailing up their wooden nativity set, tied up their raspberry plants, repaired the white wood fence, and cut down a bunch of bushes and trees.  It was really wet and windy so we were grateful to go inside when we were done.  They had lunch all made for us: Seafood chowder, with shrimp, scallops, clams, and all kinds of fish.  (Yes, you can all stop laughing now, seeing as you know how much I have a hard time with seafood!!)  I ate the entire bowl and I got more used to it after the first bad few bites!  I’m getting quite a bit of seafood here on PEI and it’s not my favorite, but at least I don’t throw-up anymore!

On Thursday we had an appointment with a news reporter.  We talked for an hour about why we decided to serve a mission, and a lot of other stuff.  We were pretty amazed to see it our picture and the article made the front page of the newspaper!  (This is a really good write-up!)
Also, we did a lot of contacting by phone.  We were surprised at how many people set appointments for us to come over.  Also, the sister missionaries had their investigator family accept being baptized and have set a date.  It really is great being in an area with other missionaries close by, and to share in their joy and successes, too.
We had our weekly planning at the Tibbitts, and afterwards, Sister Tibbitts came walking into the room crying.  She had just received the transfer call, so we knew Elder Tusa would be leaving.    We’ll get the official word on Sunday…

In the evening there was a massive Christmas parade in Summerside.  It was freezing outside, but there were loads of people lining Main Street.  We were able to talk to a few people.  One guy, from another church, was in the parade, handing out flyers.  He ran up to hand me one, saw my missionary name badge and yelled, “Jesus Christ IS the way!!”  It was pretty funny, AND I agreed with him!!
On Saturday we did a lot of contacting.  I’m gonna SERIOUSLY freeze in a couple of months, if it’s this cold already and I’m dying!!  I love being a district leader in this district.  It really is a blessing to get to do call nights with these missionaries, and hear of their insights and the learning and growth that is taking place.  AND there are the most incredible sunsets here.  It gets dark early (4:30 p.m.), but this place is so scenic; it’s incredible!

Sunday is always a great day!  There was a ton of snow, so we shoveled the church first thing, then checked our transfer letters.  Sure enough, Elder Tusa is transferring to Moncton, New Brunswick.  He gets to serve with Elder Sloan (lucky!!) and I’ll be getting Elder Urick as my companion.  Sunday afternoon Elder Tusa and I played our duets (violin & guitar) at Wedgewood Manor.  We started playing and a LOT of people rolled in to listen.  I have a special love for elderly people and always enjoy helping them however I can.  One man even brought out his very old, very NICE violin.  He let me play it for the rest of our songs.  

Afterwards the Tibbitts had all the missionaries over for dinner as a going-away dinner for Elder Tusa.  We took lots of pictures of our Summerside “family,” and we’re all sad to see Elder Tusa leave.  I will miss him and all the good times we’ve had.


That about covers things for this week.  Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving!  I love and miss you a ton!!  Don't forget about me clear out in Prince Edward Island...freezing, but loving it!!

Elder Hunt

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