Monday, November 25, 2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Prince Edward Island!!!


Dear Family,

HAPPY THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK!!!  Hope you all have a fun time!  Eat some pie and turkey for me, okay!?!?!

Here's how some of the week went:

On Wednesday we went to the Summerset Manor to provide service.  We got many of the old folks living there to come for our musical performance.  I accompanied many hymns on the piano while everyone sang.  Elder Tusa and I played a duet of Love Is Spoken Here on the guitar and violin.  I played Danny Boy as well as Sarabande on the violin.  Sister Drew sang Hallelujah and was accompanied by Elder Tusa on the guitar.  Sister Comfort sang along at different times, and was able to talk with a lot of the people.  It was a fun and good opportunity for us.  
One old guy got up and started dancing when I played Bumble Boogie on the piano!

Later in the day we did some service for the Simmons.  We moved their nativity into place, but it was SO cold.  It was only -3 degrees, but it felt like -25 with the 80 km winds!!    Later in the evening we had a really great meeting with Gary, our investigator.  We discussed the steps of repentance, and baptism.  He has such a great desire to do these things, but he's also worried about leaving his old church.  He is doing well, and is recognizing the spirit.

It's very interesting to share the gospel with people.  So many times they share a lot of the difficulties of their past, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives them so much peace and understanding.  

Ohhhhh, on Saturday we were just leaving the church building after doing some weekly planning and just after we walked out I realized I had left the keys in the church...which was now locked.  Soooo, we were out walking all over Summerside to contact people.  The best part was that it was cold, really windy and hard snow was pelting us in the face the whole day!!  Sometimes it can be really hard to stay positive, but I'm working on it!

We had a good day at church on Sunday and a lot of the talks were very helpful to me.  Afterwards, we went and visited an older lady named Jean.  She is the sweetest lady and I love visiting her each Sunday at the care center she's at.  Her daughter left a loaf of homemade bread and strawberry jam for us to take home.  That was really a tender mercy from the Lord.  As I ate it, it tasted just like it would've back I did a little reminiscing and it was nice.  

Last, but not least, Mom told me about the video from my knee surgery getting a lot of attention lately.  That's kind of crazy!!  Who would have thought???

I love you all.  Sure miss you and wish I could be there to share Thanksgiving Day with all of you.  Oh well, I know this is where I'm supposed to be, and I'm definitely learning a lot as I go through different experiences.  Think of me if you have a Turkey Bowl game!!

Elder Hunt

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