Monday, November 11, 2013


Dear Family,

Monday, after emailing and stuff, we cleaned a lot more at the apartment. Tuesday we were contacting on our bikes all day and it was cold.  The breezy wind didn't help much either.  We talked to lots of people and got some potential investigators.  For dinner we were at the Meisters for dinner.  President Meister is an incredible pianist, so after dinner we came around the piano and he played and we sang song after song from Phantom of the Opera.  It was definitely a tender mercy since it felt just like home when we would always do that as a family. 
After dinner E. Tusa and I were biking up to the church on a big straightaway, our competitive juices got flowing.and we got going really fast!  I saw the T where we'd need to turn left, but apparently E. Tusa didn't.  I made the turn. . . Elder Tusa didn't.  He skidded about 20 feet before hitting the curb...snapped his seat post off, bashed his wheel...totaling his bike...but he lived to tell about it.  We were both amazed at how protected he was and that he had not cuts or anything at all.  We couldn't stop laughing though because we were being so stupid and this is what happens.  When we met up with Elder and Sister Tibbitts, being the "worry-mom" that she is, she took us all and made hot cocoa and babied E. Tusa.  
On Wednesday we went to the high school here to talk with the men's rugby coach.  He wasn't in but we got his info so we can contact him.  We're going to see about working/training his rugby boys and putting on a camp of some sort. We also met with part of our district and put together some plans for our upcoming Remembrance Day Fireside (Veterans Day in the states).   

Thursday we went to a music store where I rented a violin for the month.  It worked out well since I had to use it so much for the fireside.  We met with Gary this afternoon and he followed through with his reading assignment and he had a lot of questions we were able to answer.  He accepted our baptism challenge but is waiting to set a date.

                                                                      Friday was stressful. We did our weekly planning as usual, and then E. Tusa and I had a really great talk during lunch.  I'm so grateful to have him as a companion right now.  The rest of the day we met with the other missionaries at the church and set up and practiced for the Remembrance day fireside that night.

 Here's some of the stuff I was able to do:  Played God save The Queen on the piano; Abide With Me Tis Eventide, on the piano, accompanying Sister Drew singing it; and played Be Still My Soul on the violin.  Elder Tibbitts and Sister Comfort were the narrators, E. Tusa gave a great talk on the Title of Liberty and Captain Moroni, Sister Drew shared a personal experience about visiting Vimy Ridge in France, and  I shared a bit of background on Denzel before playing Be Still My Soul.  Everything went really well and the Spirit was strong.  It was incredible how well everything came together for only starting to plan it on Wednesday. All of the veterans were non-members except one.  It was a great night!

So, as you can tell, things are moving along here in PEI.  I'm really enjoying it, even though it is getting colder!

Elder Hunt

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