Monday, November 18, 2013


Dear Family,
Sorry if I say "It's cold" a lot...but it's cold.  You can definitely tell winter is here.  (And his mother says..."No it's not!!  Just wait until FEBRUARY!!")
We've had a good week in the cold and freezing rain...literally freezing rain, which is what happens when it rains but the temperature is below freezing.  Weird...and cold!
We tried playing football and rugby in it for awhile, but then had to call it quits.  Our zone leaders were here and bought an ICE CREAM cake that said "Happy 15 Months" since E. West, E. Jensen and I all came out together 15 months ago.  It was a lot of fun to be together and do some reminiscing!

Can I just say, I'm pretty organized and sometimes get the feeling that others haven't experienced that having an agenda printed out for District Training.  We talked about Prioritizing our Efforts...and also Being Real, But Dignified.  Everything went really well

Did splits with the Zone Leaders and that was great!!  At one point we had to stop in at the Zone Leaders' before heading back to Summerside, and Elder Nzojibwahmi was there since he was visiting the zone leaders.  That was awesome!  Late Wednesday night we were back at our home-sweet-home!!
I have been more exhausted at times on my mission than I ever remember anywhere else!  (He's forgetting the uphill climb out of Havasupai with his dad and some scouts a couple of years ago!!!)


We gave blood this week which was a good service opportunity and we were able to talk with quite a few people.  My blood pumped really quickly...Elder Tusa took a long time!  They had to move him three times to get things going!

(I thought about all of you on Saturday doing the run for Denz.  Wish I could have been there.  Sometimes it's really hard dealing with stuff out here on my own.  I love our family and that we're so close.  I miss you a lot!)  Good thing I'm mailing Elder Hunt [and Jaimi!] their shirts from the run!!

We checked on a referral this week, and when the lady came to the door she went off on us about how she didn't believe in our religion...then we simply asked, "Do you know where we can get a Christmas tree?"  She paused, then said, "Come back tomorrow and I'll have one for you."  Never thought we'd get a tree from knocking on doors!  :)

I spoke in church on Sunday and it went really well.  A less active member named Al came to church...first time in a LONG time...and he really enjoyed it.  We met with later that evening and had a really good lesson.

So, that's my week in a nutshell!  I hope I can stay warm...relatively!!!

Elder Hunt

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