Monday, November 4, 2013


 Dear Family,
We email from a French elementary school in PEI...which is pretty interesting.  Last Monday we had to find a bank that would exchange Elder Tusa's Australian only took three tries!

  We visited the Tibbitts (a senior missionary couple here in Summerside); then we went back home and I cleaned some more...surprised???  Ohhhh, and I even tried an oyster.  No comment.

Elder Tusa is teaching me how to do a Rubix cube and I'm starting to get pretty good at it.  I think I remember that Brandon learned how to do a rubix cube on his mission too...what a coincidence!

Tuesday was our zone conference in Moncton, New Brunswick.  We drove over with our ZL's, Elders West and Jensen.  It was great to see so many people.  The conference went really well and it's incredible to realize that I am a missionary at a very historic time, when the Lord is really hastening the work.  
During the conference I got to perform Bumble Boogie on the piano.  It went well even though I stumbled a couple of times because my arms were aching since it's been so long since I've played it.  I also got to perform in a string trio with Elder Call and Elder Waldie.  We played a beautiful arrangement of I Know That My Redeemer Lives.  The theme of the conference was charity and love.  I felt, and continue to feel, a very strong sense of responsibility for the missionaries I have been given stewardship over.  I felt a lot of love at the conference, but also because I was with my "Poly" brothers the whole time.  Elder Tusa (from Australia) and Elder Thurnot (from Tahiti).  We're all brothers and everyone out here knows that I'm the "white" Poly brother. Elder Tusa even gave me one of his Samoan lava-lava's.  It's all I wear now instead of gym shorts because it's so much more comfortable!

Halloween out here was "interesting."  We didn't get much done... especially in the evening because we weren't allowed to be out proselyting in the evening.  After dinner with the Tibbits and Sisters Drew and Comfort (affectionately known as "D & C"), we came back to our apartment.


Elder Tusa and I were just chillin' in our lava lavas, cracking coconuts and eating them.  And I witnessed a miracle!

 No kidding!!

As we were cracking the coconut with the back of a knife, the big blade snapped off and went flying right past my eyes.

I should have been impaled by the knife, but it didn't even touch me.  There are definitely angels watching over me!!

We had a cool experience finding a branch member that no one knew about.  We went to the house we thought he lived in...but no one answered and it looked abandoned.  Then we went across the street to see if they knew one was home...but as we were leaving a guy puled in and we talked to him.  Turns out it was the guy we were originally looking for!  The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Well, more stuff happened but I'm out of time.  I hope you're having a good week!

Oh yeah, just a reminder...if you want to send me stuff for Christmas, send it to the Houlton address.  It will be MUCH cheaper. The elders there will bring it to me at our conference that we'll be having on the 17th.  So be sure it gets to Houlton by the 15th.  (This is SUCH a smart idea!!  I just checked postage rates...$50 for a less-than-3 lbs.-box!!!  THANK YOU ELDER HUNT!!!!)

But there is one more thing I have to tell you...we went to a "stake conference" but it was a conference for the Fundamental Baptist Church...with loads of people!!  And Elder Tusa and I were sitting in the middle of everyone.  It was 1 hour long and then we were able to talk to many people after, including 4 of the 6 pastors there.  It was a bit weird when in the closing prayer the pastor made a reference to us and I could feel everyone's eyes turn on us, as he said something about our not having accepted Christ in our lives.  Of course that's complete nonsense, but we just got to practice charity and love.  It was a pretty cool experience.

Love you all!!

Elder Hunt


("Looks like a knee injury just waiting to happen!!" says Mom.)

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