Monday, October 28, 2013


Dear Family,

Probably the hardest part of this week was saying goodbye to so many people I have developed such good relationships with:  The Peters (Sister Peters and her "I hate you!" way of saying I love you!), Bro. Boisvert, Macdonalds, Carters, Storme' Peters, Brother Lee, Searboyers, the Marshalls (I'm going to really miss them!!)  It has been an incredible eight months and it is hard to say goodbye.





Elder Skinner and I both bought a gallon of chocolate milk since we love it so much.  It took it with us on our last road trip to finish out our incredible companionship.  I've absolutely loved it.

On Wednesday we woke up early and drove to Moncton.  It was so good to see so many of the other missionaries I haven't seen in awhile.  Elder Sloan was there, and Sister Nelson and I got to talk for awhile, then we all departed our various ways.  Elder Tusa and I drove out to PEI after crossing a MASSIVE bridge, arriving in Summerside.

All of the dirt here is red so it reminds me a lot of home.  However, our apartment looked like a bomb hit it, so we cleaned and organized all afternoon.  In the evening we went to a less-active member's house to visit.

As far as this area goes, I'm the district leader over the whole island.  There are 4 elders and 6 sisters, and 1 senior couple...and my companion is Elder Tusa!  I love that he gets my "poly" words and expressions!

It's windy ALL the time here, which really drops the temperature, so it's cold.  We met with Sister Drew and Sister Comfort to do some planning.  It's my first time working with Sisters, but I think it will be really good.  Summerside is much bigger than Houlton, so that's good.

On Saturday we stopped by a new investigator's house.  His name is Gary.  He had been working on his house, but he told us how he'd been reading the Book of Mormon every day and has actually read about seven chapters in Alma so far.  And his newly-wed wife expressed some interest, which apparently she hadn't done before.  We also made some other contacts and have some appointments set for next week.

We spent some time working on our area book and getting things organized.  We actually tore it apart because it was in pretty bad shape.  We were talking to Sister Thatcher (senior missionary in the mission office) and she jokingly said:  "Elder Hunt, for the rest of your mission, we're going to transfer you to every area.  You'll have a couple weeks at each one so you can clean/organize the apartment and area books!"  I guess I have a reputation for being pretty organized.

On Sunday we picked up the Summerside Sisters and went to watch the Stake Conference broadcast in Charlottetown, that was coming from Fredericton, New Brunswick.  The conference was good in spite of a few technical difficulties along the way.  I met a few of the members while we were there so that helps me in settling in.  We had lunch at a members house, along with the Sisters.  We went to the Veizche family's home and had some delicious nachos.

The rest of the day we contacted people, but didn't have too much luck.  It has been a hectic, whirlwind week.  One moment I'm in the States, and the next I'm back in Canada, trying to re-adjust to the culture and differences.  I love the island so far though, and couldn't ask for a better situation!!

Elder Hunt

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