Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference Week

Dear Family,
Some good things happened this week:  handed out flyers around town for General Conference; taught some great lessons...on the Plan of Salvation to a woman who had never heard about life BEFORE earth. Also taught a gal about Priesthood Authority, and she really understood it when we explained it.  Had an experience teaching a less-active member who has had some very important callings during his life, but has been less-active now for many years.  It's been a good reminder to me that a testimony needs constant nourishing, otherwise it will diminish and can even die. So, if there was something I'd like to say to my "future self," I'd say "Read your scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, say your prayers -- both personal and family -- and always be faithful in attending church.  Never let anything else get in the way of fulfilling your responsibilities in the church."

We held several scripture study classes that seem to always go extremely well.  I love teaching them and helping members have a better understanding of the gospel.   One night this week we had dinner with the Carters, and they made Navajo Tacos.  Talk about a trip down Memory Lane...remembering the many great dinners we had back home with Navajo Tacos!

And can I just say I LOVED GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!  I am so grateful for the Gospel and for the inspired words of our leaders.  One of my many favorite talks was President Monson's when he quoted part of a poem:  "Good timber doesn't grow with ease...the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees."  (Wow, Elder Hunt...we must be related!!  I put that quote on the window this week!!)
Late Sunday evening it seemed like all of Houlton had shut down and everyone had gone to bed, but it wasn't time for us to be in yet, so Elder Skinner and I talked about where to go.  We decided on a particular street, went to the house we felt impressed to, and sure enough, there was a woman there who talked with us for an hour and now wants to learn more.  What a great reminder it was for us to keep doing what we're supposed to be doing and seek the guidance of the Spirit!!

Well, that's it for this week.  Hope you like the other pictures!  Some incredible Fall pictures, and gotta love the moose head!!  HUGE!

Elder Hunt

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