Monday, October 21, 2013


Dear Family,
Well, I guess you get the exciting news first!  I'm getting transferred to PEI on Thursday.  Wow!  I thought I'd be in Houlton at least one more month.  But instead, I'm headed to Summerside, Prince Edward Island.(By the way, Mom, can you change my address on the blog, please?)  So, I'm going to be companions with Elder Tusa, my big Samoan Australian brother!!  I found out about the transfer Sunday morning, so when I broke the news to the branch there were a lot of emotional people.  I've been here a long time and have developed really great relationships with everyone.  It was emotional for me, too, just knowing that I'm leaving.   I know I'll love it wherever I go, but Houlton sure holds a special place in my heart!

Soooo, news about the rest of the week...last prep day we went with Bro. Wilinson out to the Robertsons, where we ran a couple of chainsaws and took down about 12 trees.  It was a good service project and then Robertsons fed us as well.

Tuesday was District Meeting, which went really well.  Elder Corbett and I went on exchanges.  Later I went with Elder Hadley to the Caribou Chorale Society and participated with them.  We sang lots of Christmas songs and it was a great feeling to sing again.  It gave me flashbacks of when I was in Madrigals at SCHS.  We were able to talk to a lot of people there, and it was a great finding opportunity.  It seemed everyone loved us, and they even put us on the front row!!

On Wednesday we were in Woodstock working, and had dinner with the Seaboyers.  The turkey pot pie was really good, especially since were had been fasting...  After dinner we had our scripture study class in Woodstock, which was great, once again, and the members expressed their real appreciation for us and these classes.  Also, today was Elder Nzojibwami's birthday, so we texted him a nice little message.  He's doing very well as assistant to President Leavitt, and we all love him as our leader!

Thursday evening we had a great experience with our evening work.  We had planned last week to go to the rec center in the evening, because Houlton basically shuts down at 5 o'clock at night and people go to bed at six!  So, we went to the rec center and played ball with about 20 guys.  We got to talk to a lot of them about the church, and one is best friends with a member in Houlton.  It was a really good opportunity and MUCH more effective than knocking on doors in the evening.

On Friday, Elder Skinner and I were sitting in our apartment when we heard the biggest bang and crack at our front window.  I had a mini-heart attack!  It was so loud and abrupt, I thought it was a bolt of lightning, or something.  I ran over to check, and laying on the ground below our window was a massive partridge bird!  The bird hit our window so hard that it left a full body grease mark and feathers on the window...weird!!

Later in the day we drove to Halifax for our temple trip.  We drove in a small car that was making for some interesting aches and pains in my knee, but it was fine.  Elder Skinner and I stayed with Elders Gross and Jarvis...we made up a potential Olympic team:  Elder Gross is a pro boxer, Elder Jarvis is a BYU track & field star, Elder Skinner is a Wyoming track & field stud, and I'm the rugger.  Fun times!!  (AND it was Erika's birthday...I hope she had a great day!)

Saturday we attended an endowment session at the Halifax Temple.  This was the very first time I saw the new temple!!  Attending the temple really brought some much-needed spiritual nourishment!


(Molly O'connell was the one wearing a sweatshirt with the hood not on her head / Emma O'connell is the one grabbing her face / Faith Morrow had her head in the pillow)

On the return drive we drove with a youth group in a 15 seater van.  It was a pretty "lively" six hour drive home.  We were detained at the border for 90 minutes due to a youth having some paperwork problems.  Finally made it to our apartment, but realized right after the van drove off that we didn't have our phone or my DL binder...yep, left it in the van!! Oh well...just made the day that much more interesting!

And now I'm preparing for my move to Summerside.  Kind of crazy.  Next time I have a chance to email, I'll be on the island!!  Oh, by the way, a member took me shopping today and bought me a REALLY warm coat so I won't freeze in PEI.  This was a HUGE blessing.  I am so grateful!!

That's all for now.  I love you all very much!!  Don't forget to write to me!!!  I love hearing from everyone!!

Elder Hunt

Brother and Sister Marshall with Elder Hunt
Elder Hunt with the Carter Family

Elder Skinner, Janice, Elder Hunt
Ethan Carter

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