Monday, December 16, 2013

You Think UTAH is Cold?!?!?! Think Again!!

Dear Family,
So I heard about the snow and cold weather you’ve been having lately.  I think it arrived here in the Maritimes, but a lot colder!!  It was -15 degrees all day on Thursday, and with the windchill factor it was about -30!!  I was all bundled up and still froze!  I think I had temporary frostbite, but  thawed out.  Throughout the day we found some neat old planes and took some pictures with them.  All day was spent trying to contact people in the freezing cold…with no real success.  L



Friday we helped set up for the Branch Christmas Dinner at the church after we had our correlation meeting and lunch.  There was a lot of prep work and then we shoveled all the snow outside the church.  These temperatures are NOT healthy…
The Christmas party went really well and was a huge success!  The food was good and so was the entertainment.  I met the family the sisters are teaching and they are great!
Saturday was another bitingly cold day and, it was worse because some of our appointments fell through.  It sure can be hard sometimes when there are difficult things to deal with…and trying to see the bright side…and look for the positive things…AND have it so BITTER COLD!!  I have been amazed at how exhausting it can be.  Oh well, we keep going, and working hard, rather than hardly working, right?!!

And then Sunday we got hit with ANOTHER storm!!  It was so bad that we only had Sacrament Meeting…the rest of our meetings were cancelled. 

When people were leaving church there were a few mishaps…one car got stuck; right after that another SUV slid off the road into a deep ditch, which took a tow truck to get it out. 

The day was really stormy so we did stuff inside…before we got bundled up like some Eskimos, and trekked our way through the snow to visit Jean at the care center.  She’s doing good, is talking more and remember more since I first started visiting her.

Afterwards we hiked through snow up to our knees for about half a mile before reaching the Tibbitts apartment, where they warmed us up.  I love all the storminess and have always been fascinated with extreme weather stuff.  Now, if I can just defrost a bit. . .

Elder Hunt

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