Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elder Hunt Travels to Canada

Today Elder Hunt left for Canada!  We didn't have his travel schedule, but I looked in my journal from 35 years ago, and read that we left the MTC at 4:00 a.m., so I figured we might receive a rather early phone call this morning...we did.  The phone rang at 6:00 a.m., while I was vacuuming.  I'm so glad I HEARD the phone!   It was SO nice to hear Dallin's voice as he said, "I knew I could call this early!"  Yep, we were up and getting ready for family scriptures.

Elder Hunt and his companion, Elder Zojibwahmi
There are 14 missionaries (13 elders and 1 sister) going to the Canada Halifax mission today.  He said, "It's kind of funny to see how spread out we are over the whole plane...I guess so we can talk to a lot of different people."  Sounds like missionary thinking to me!

Their flight has a couple different legs to it, stopping in Detroit, and New York before getting to Halifax at 9:00 p.m.!.  Before Dallin called, someone came up to him in the airport and asked if he was Elder Hunt.  When he said he was, the lady said, "I'm Erika's aunt."  I guess she was flying out to see her son somewhere... When Kristy was flying out to Seoul, Aunt Linda (my sister) was just returning from California and ran into her.  Kind of fun!

Yesterday was Labor Day and we were in Provo hiking the "Y" mountain with Kristy, Natalee, Dan & Janet, Cory, Rebecca and Kyle, AND a zillion other people with the same great idea!  At every turn of each switchback, we had a better and better view of the MTC.  I wanted to yell really loudly to see if Elder Hunt could hear me, but knew that would be pretty dumb, so I didn't.  However, we WERE able to drop off his camera cord to the front desk after explaining that the mail didn't deliver on Labor Day, and that he would be leaving EARLY Tuesday morning.  It was very nice of them to "make an exception" for us.  Dallin was very happy to get it.

Elder Hunt with Elder Connor Finklea

He mentioned that he roomed "right next door" to Colton Utley who has 3 weeks before leaving for Thailand (I think that's what he said...), he's also seen Austin Ovard, Conner Finklea, and a few others that I can't remember.

He said he LOVED the MTC "even though it's a cesspool of germs!  EVERYONE is sick there!"  (I TOLD him before he left for the MTC to take some hydrogen peroxide so he could gargle with it...didn't believe me...oh well...)

Sooooo, happy travels to our son!  We are very excited for him.  He mentioned that he's pretty sure his p-day is on Monday, so we won't be hearing from him until next week.  (Good to know so we don't sit by the computer all week!!)

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