Wednesday, September 5, 2012

VERY Interesting Travels. . .

I received several phone calls while grocery shopping this morning.  Each time I answered there was no voice on the other end.  I received one more when I got home and was just going to let it ring!  But then I finally answered. . . and it was ELDER HUNT!!  Apparently his phone cards were giving him a bit of grief, but he managed to get through...with two minutes left on his phone card.  I quickly told him I would recharge the card, he said he would call back in ten minutes (still waiting...), and "boy, do I have a story to tell you, Mom! we are still in New York... But I'll tell you when I call back..."  Then he had to hang up.

Soooo, here I thought he had landed in Nova Scotia last night, was snug in a missionary bed in Dartmouth, and all was well. . . apparently not.  I guess we'll see WHAT is going on...hopefully sooner than later...Hooray!!  He was only 15 minutes!!

The first leg of our flight went to Detroit with no problem.  But the flight from Detroit to New York was diverted to Connecticut because there was a really bad storm.  We sat on the runway for two hours, then we flew on to LaGuardia (New York).  Of course we missed our flight, but it had been canceled due to weather.

Well, we weren't sure what to do.  We got a hold of the missionary travel department and were told to find a hotel and we would be reimbursed...we then called our mission president.  He called the New York South mission president, who came to the airport (with his AP's and his wife...all driving different vehicles) and picked up all 14 of us.  We spent the night in Queens!  Who knew our first area would be the Bronx!?!

Our flight to Toronto leaves at 2:55, and then we sit in Toronto until 10:00 p.m.  It's going to be another long day.  When I asked him if he had enough to eat and doing okay he said, "Well, I haven't eaten McDonald's in about a year...and I had to yesterday.  It about destroyed me!"  Well, at least he wasn't hungry!  And he said the New York mission president took really good care of them.  Hooray!!

(And, NO, I didn't call Dallin's mission president!!  Probably would have if Dallin hadn't called within the hour!!  Whew!!)

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  1. I hope he FINALLY made it safe and sound to Canada! What a crazy ride!