Saturday, September 15, 2012

Whistling in Halifax!

This is Mom talking...

Elder Hunt and Elder Deem were supposed to have a lunch appointment with Sue and Bruce Hampson on Thursday of this week.  They were going to take the Elders to "the best fish and chips place in all of Nova Scotia" on the last day it was open for the season.  But the Elders never showed. . . Sue was very disappointed!  They waited for 45 minutes, then made the 20 minute return drive home, wondering what had happened.

Turns out the Elders had gotten a new planner, and hadn't transferred all of their appointments into the new planner.  Oops!  And knowing Elder Hunt, he is equally disappointed, but feels even worse for "messing up."

Then, I received a phone call last night (Friday) that went something like this:


"Hi, this is Ryan Oliver.  I happened to be in Halifax today, happened to see some Mormon missionaries, and happened to take them out to dinner.  You wouldn't happen to know anyone out here, would you?"

(After I stopped laughing he told me the rest of the story...)

Ryan (from Highland, Utah and was in Nova Scotia on some real estate business) saw these two elders standing on some rocks by the harbor, in their suits, so he kind of casually walked by them whistling "Called To Serve."  He said the elders kind of looked at him, he made an "investigator" comment, which got their interest piqued, and then confessed he was LDS and from Utah.  And he took them out to a "very nice seafood dinner...Elder Hunt's FIRST (in Canada) as I understand it..."

Anyway, we had a long talk as he told me of his impressions of Elder Hunt and what a fine young man he is. Ryan was impressed.   And it was a very nice phone call to receive.

LOVE that Elder Hunt is having some very cool experiences!!

We can hardly wait to hear HIS reactions to his week!!

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