Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Email from Nova Scotia!

Welcome to Nova Scotia! The land of hurricanes, spiders, and fish everywhere you go!

SO after my long escapade of travelling in New York and everything, I've finally made it to Canada! I am loving it out here already and know there's a lot to look forward to. 

On my first night of tracting, this guy slammed his car door shut as we walked past him, so we asked him how he was doing... this was his reply: "How'm I doin?! I wanna get a machine gun and blow all yo religious heads off! Tha's how i'm doin!"  OH boy i can't WAIT for more missionary work. So i've already had some funny and crazy experiences, but all is well.

Let's see, so many things to cover so it's just gonna jump around a lot:

-My companion has a haircut kit, so I will just be giving myself haircuts to save on time and money. I didn't do too bad with my first one..but did miss one little spot in the back... (thinking of you mom!)

-My companion is great! His name is Elder Deem, he's from Gilbert Arizona, and has been out for 8 months now. He's a solid missionary and i'm really glad to be getting trained by him. We boh have faith and set some pretty high goals, but we work hard and can get them done. It'll be an awesome time together.

-Oh! he has a digital photo frame...I WANT ONE! it is so nice because he has it on his desk and it can just go through the pictures for you and you can have them right there. That way i wouldn't have to pull out a picture book every time, and then you wouldn't have to print pics either. You could just attach them through dropbox and i could put them on the usb and straight into the frame. SO if you get a digital frame, make sure it can have a usb plugged into it. It would be really nice... (:

-The ward we are serving in is amazing because it's the ward Bruce and Sue Hampson are in! We have dinner appointments every single night because the ward mission leader's wife coordinates it for us and does a fantastic job. Not to mention we are having fish and chips with Bruce and Sue on Thursday for lunch. Woohoo!

-So they have this store up here called Bulk Barn. It's the most amazing store ever. Everything is in separate bins, and you just scoop out how much you need of whatever it is, and then pay by the weight. I love it!  

-The music rule up here is i can listen to anything that brings the spirit...so definitely put some music into dropbox! (:

-We went to a place called 2 Boys Meat Smokehouse. Best meat i've ever had in my entire life! such a low price, about the price of subway for a footlong sub, but theirs is about 5 times the size...it's great! Not to mention they sell bones there for dogs that they get their meat off of...and they are about 2-3 feet long and massive! There's a picture in dropbox with one in it.

-Literally...Spiders. EVERYWHERE! Forget South America...this is the place where all the spiders are. It's kinda ridiculous. I have a little friend that lives in my office in the apartment..There is a small hole in the wall right next to where I sit, and he comes and goes as he pleases. I figure i don't wanna make him upset since he probably has his army throughout all the walls...so we're on good terms for now, but it could turn into David vs.  Goliath up in here...and I wouldn't be Goliath. 

-There are tons of accents up here...this is definitely my kind of place! There's British, Scottish, Irish, etc. You name it, it's here. I love it!

-Church here is SO different than back home in Utah. It was a little weird being a missionary in the Gospel Principles class because the teacher asks questions, and then looks at you, expecting you to know it since you're a missionary! Ha! far from it...

-I'm SO tired.....ALL THE TIME!!! it's exhausting doing this stuff...i always fall asleep during personal study, it's ridiculous. It'll just take time to get used to it I guess.

-I don't know if you were able to watch the CES Fireside on Sunday that was actually down at Dixie State College with Elder Holland speaking. I saw a few people in the crowd that I knew so it was great.

-So i guess a hurricane is supposed to be rolling in...right now it is pouring outside...not like st george pouring...like crazy downpour i've never seen before. So i guess i should go buy a raincoat today! oh, and we got lost driving back to our place last night because we couldn't see the exit signs on the freeway...that's how thick the fog is.

Other than those exciting adventures, the work here is great. There are always challenges of course, but we have two investigators named Sheila, and Linda. Sheila is a golden investigator. We taught her a second lesson this week, she came to church, and will have a baptism date this coming week. So exciting. and Linda has MS, can hardly move or talk, but has such a strong testimony. She will be baptized on the 29th, so that's also exciting! I love the work more and more each day. The challenges and trials get harder day by day as well, but it's all abou your attitude. So I just keep chuggin along and doing the good work the Lord has prepared for me.
I hope everyone is doing well, and makes time for the Lord in each of their lives. It really is the most important thing we can do on this Earth! Love and miss you all!

Love Elder Hunt

P.S.  The things Elder Hunt forgot to mention:  He is in the Cole Harbour Ward which is in Dartmouth, the location of the Mission office.  The Halifax Canada Temple is located right next to the Dartmouth Stake Center where the Cole Harbour Ward meets.  The elders' apartment is pretty close to the temple.  And Sue LOVED it when Elder Hunt came up to her at church the first Sunday he was there and gave her a BIG bear hug!


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