Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th Letter

This week was just amazing.

I tried a new thing called a donair, which is probably the most unhelathy thing on the face of the planet to eat, but sure is delicious.  (Donair was introduced in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in the early 1970s.  Sliced meatloaf made from a combination of ground beef, flour or bread crumbs, and various spices, and the sauce is made from evaporated milk, sugar, vinegar, and sometimes garlic. The meat and sauce are served rolled in pita bread with condiments such as tomato and onion.  Not too unhealthy, unless you eat them ALL the time, Elder Hunt!!)

Bill Thompson showed us more of his military stuff and let us try on a couple of his swords.  This week, was Linda Thompsons baptism. It was amazing to be apart of and see her husband Bill baptize her. She has M.S. and is in a wheelchair, so when Bill baptized her, he was holding her in his arms and both of them had to go under the water to be fully immersed. It was a very symbolic thing and such an amazing thing to be apart of. I've been playing the piano quite a bit too, and enjoyed playing all the music for the baptism.

Remember how I hated reading anything before I left to come out here? Well....the Lord works in mysterious ways. Now reading is my favorite thing to do. I can't ever get enough time to read the Book of Mormon, and other church books. One I'm reading right now is Our Heritage, and it's an amazing book describing things that pertain more to our day.

Elder Robert C. Gay of the Seventy visited us this week. He taught us so much and was so inspiring. He will be speaking in the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference in a couple weeks, so be sure and watch!

Spiritual thought for the week:
Going throughout our lives, there are incredible people that help us along the way. Especially our Bishop. If we develop a strong love and relationship with him, it will be one of the greatest blessings we can have in our life. He will be there for you if you are willing to go to him, and allow him to help you. As I've personally experienced that, I found someone who changed my life forever. So, if you haven't already, go to your Bishop and develop that relationship. Allow him to exercies his authority, and guide/council you in your life. As you do, I promise he will help.

This IS the one and only true church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. Don't waste away the time that you have here on earth. Take that time, and use it for good. Use it to learn more about the Gospel, by reading the Book of Mormon and studying those things that prepare you to serve our Heavenly Father. Use this time to strengthen your relationships with others. First, strengthen your family and your home. The family is so important to God and as we serve and love our families, we will receive more blessings. Charity is one of the biggest and most essential Christlike attributes. The more you serve others, the more you will come to find the Light of Christ, and will see the blessings in your own life. I promise it will bring amazing things into your life.

If you take nothing else away from what I've said, remember this:
1)   Utilize those people in your life who are there to help you. (e.g.,. Bishop, Family, Jesus Christ)

2)   Time is a blessing, not a curse! We often find ourselves looking ahead, and end up wasting the joys of the present by focussing on a far-off distance. Take advantage of the time you have!

3)    Charity. Use charity and love to strengthen your family, others around you, and those you may not even know. That Christlike attribute alone will provide you with blessings you cannot comprehend.

As you think about these things, don't just take my word for it. Kneel down and ask Heavenly Father what he wants you to be doing. No matter what is happening in our lives, each one of us can benefit immensely from doing these things.

I am a witness that Jesus is the Christ. I can testify and know that He is my Redeemer and knows exactly how I feel. He goes through my joys, as well as my sorrows and pains with me. That doesn't mean my trials will be easy, but they will always be worth it, and Christ will always be there with me. I hope everyone will strengthen and develop that personal relationship with our brother, and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Elder Hunt

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