Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sheila's Baptism

Well today, I'm emailing later than usual because President Leavitt just took us to go TV shopping for the new smart TV he needs in the mission home. So we did that for a while, helped him set it up at the house, and then he took us out to Montana's, a nice restaurant where we had some big 12 oz steaks and mashed potatoes...I was right at home. So it's been a really good day, other than now I don't get hardly any time to email home. But oh well, it's a mission.
This week, we had Sheila Jordan's baptism! She is such an amazing lady and I am so happy that I was able to teach and work with her. Her baptism was so spiritual, as well as her confirmation at church the next day. She became emotional during her confirmation, and it was hard for the rest of us to hold it in, but we were all just completely overjoyed with her and the decisions that she is making.

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Papa K and momma Trish. The digital photo frame is the best thing ever to have. Now I don't have to pull out my picture book! They can just cycle through all on their own, and I really love it. So thank you!!

Other than that, i'm just loving it out here. Not too much time to write this week, but know that I love each and every one of you. Even you random people that are checking and reading this from who knows you all!

Remember to stay strong in the faith, and always trust in our Heavenly Father. Someday we will thank Him for cutting us down, so that we can grow even bigger.

Take care!
Elder Hunt


  1. Great letter even though it's short. Loved the pics, he looks happy. And he loves us random people from who knows where!

  2. Yeah, gotta love the "randomness" . . . This letter was more of the "hit and run" type. I know a lot of what he's talking about, but other people don't! Hopefully he be a little more specific next time! *_*