Thursday, October 11, 2012


I didn't write anything about the MTC...I guess I was waiting for all the REAL missionary stuff to happen.  But I was a bit remiss.

Elder Hunt LOVED his MTC companion, Elder Nzojibwami...(and I didn't even have to look up how to spell his name!!)  They are both serving in the Canada Halifax Mission.  I received a letter from "your other son who's name you can't pronounce" yesterday!  It was great and VERY sweet.  I can hardly wait to write him back.  (AND I not only know how to SPELL his name, I know how to say it!!)

Anyway, here are some pictures that might talk a whole lot more than words!

And Erika's aunt happened to be at the airport for a flight out, right when Elder Hunt was ready to leave for Halifax.  She recognized him and went over to say hi!  Fun times!!

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