Friday, September 7, 2012


Late this afternoon I was looking at Facebook and noticed a comment posted by Sue Hampson on my page.  It said, "Guess which elder is serving in my ward?  He went for supper at my visiting teaching companion's home tonight and had a good meal!  A roast beef dinner!"

Before I go any further, I have to give some background.  When I served my mission 35 years ago in the Canada Halifax Mission, the first area I served in was Halifax, and the very first night my companion took me over to the Millward's, a couple with two young children.  We had a nice visit with them, and the several months I was in Halifax, even after Sister Tolmie was transferred, we taught the Millwards.  Sue and her husband, Hugh, ended up divorcing after my mission, but we remained in touch; another cool story for another time will explain how Sue and her two older children joined the church, Sue married Bruce Hampson in the Toronto LDS Temple, and they ended up moving back to Nova Scotia.  Sue and Bruce came to Utah and stayed with us, and we loved it!!  When Dallin's mission call was opened, Sue was the first one I called!!  She was almost more excited than I was.

Soooo, Sue had mentioned to Shannon, her VTing companion about her friend's son who was coming to "our" mission.  Sue and I were both a bit worried that he would be sent to Newfoundland, or somewhere else remote and that she would never get to see him.

Then this evening she received a phone call from Shannon saying she had fed Elder Hunt and his companion a roast beef dinner earlier tonight!!  He has been called to serve in Sue Hampson's WARD!!  She will be seeing him THIS SUNDAY!!   

We are both ecstatic!!  (Poor Elder Hunt won't know what anonymity is, that's for sure!!)

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is AMAZING! And Dallin's letters are powerful. Great job sending the whole district letters. Not all missionaries get spoiled by their families so I'm sure some of them REALLY appreciated it.