Friday, September 21, 2012

Missionary Snail Mail. . .

What a fun surprise!  We got a snail mail letter from Elder Hunt today!  Way to make Friday an even BETTER day of the week!!  He included notes from a Zone Conference that he wanted me to include, (and I noticed on the program that he was asked to say the Opening Prayer.)

Mom, thanks so much for the package with the Ryan's Lion in it.  I love it!  (This was the blue lion we had been given from the Mapleton Bartons when Denzel died...a very special "trackable" lion...which reminds me, I better update it. . .

Also, thanks for the journal entries! They were great to read and relate to. (I had copied and sent the first week of MY mission journal entries when I got to Canada, and also sent my father's entries that he had sent me when I was new to the mission field...)

How's everyone doing back home?  I really miss everyone, but especially the nieces and nephews...

Things are really starting to pick up here.  Time is flying by, and by the time you get this, I'll have two, maybe three, baptisms already.  So the work is great!  :)

It costs $1.05 per stamp to send letters to the USA, so I want to write everyone but I won't unless I get a letter from them first.  

So here's a quick note saying I love you and dad so much!  Thanks for preparing me so well to be a missionary!  You've done your job well!  :)  Hope you and dad are having a good time!  Love you guys!

Elder Hunt #4

1.  PRAY for Missionary Opportunities
2.  LOOK - Anytime, anywhere; always be open to finding someone to share the gospel with
3.  SPEAK - Open your doesn't have to be doctrine, it can be something like "Hey!  How's your dog!  Talk to people.  Don't be so focused on yourself that you aren't aware of the people around you.
4.  INVITE - This may seem hard, but many people don't know about the church, or simply don't come because they haven't been invited.  ASK them to come.  It doesn't have to be complicated!!

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