Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Lessons Continue. . .

Hi Family,

So here are the details from this week:

March 4th was Elder Clark’s birthday.  I made his pancakes and eggs and sausage for breakfast.  I also made him a treasure hunt!!  I had to make it the night before, and I was pretty sneaky about it, so he had no idea, and wondered when I did it all.  His end-result “present” was a birthday sign, with different pictures and things written on it, like is our tradition back home.  He thought it was pretty cool, and it made him have a good laugh, so I was glad I could do at least something small for him.

I also found out that my best friend, Harrison Schram, received his mission call to the Stockholm, Sweden mission.  He leaves July 10th!!  I am SOOOOO excited for him.  But the bad side is that it will be nearly three years before I see him again!!

We bought a nice new futon for our apartment and it’s kind of like Elder Clark’s birthday gift.  We also went to an Amish store.  There are LOTS of Amish people around here…enough so that there are road signs that have a picture with a horse-drawn buggy and say “Share the road.”  It’s very interesting to see them and learn more of their way of life.

Tuesday was a rough day.  Enough said…

Wednesday was MUCH better.  We had our apartment inspection then went out to lunch with the Edward’s couple, who were down visiting from Cole Harbour.  It was great to see their familiar faces and talk with them.  Then we had a lesson with a recent convert that lives on the Canada side of our area.  We cross the border so frequently that the border police know us now, and we have friendly chats whenever we come through. 

We had dinner with the Hann’s and I really like their family!   We also had another lesson with Flo, and she’s still sick.  So, we gave her a priesthood blessing and taught a bit. 

Thursday was a good day, too!  We contacted people in Canada and got a lot of lessons set up for Saturday.  We contacted one house/trailer that was so filthy and putrid I almost got sick right there.  It was awful!

In the evening President Leavitt came down to our apartment.  He’s been visiting every single missionary and tonight was our turn.  We had a great visit, and I had a good interview with him.  Things are looking up, and our area is moving forward.  We’re gonna have to work hard to bring it further, but that’s why we’re out here.  Elder Sloan was traveling with President on this trip, so he was here as well.  It was great to see him again, and be able to talk for a little while!

On Friday we hit the pavement and contacted a lot of people.  One door we knocked on was opened by an old man who said, “Keep on going down the road!”  So I asked if he was interested in hearing our message anyway…  He said no, so I naturally asked him “why not?”  After he heard that he looked me square in the face and yelled:  “BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE YOU!!!” and then he slammed the door in my face.  

However, after him, we met a young mother of 4 kids, whom she raises by herself.  We talked and have an appointment for next week since she was just leaving.  She reminds me of the “girl-form” of Denzel…a great person with a bit of “history.”  I really hope we can help her.

Later in the day we walked down a long, eerie, driveway to get to a house that looked like it belonged in a horror movie, and we were about to be the main characters getting murdered.  There are definitely some “strange” places in this town.

On Saturday we met a great lady who’s son-in-law had recently ended his life.  We talked for a while, and hope to be teaching them in the near future. 

Later, we went up to the Hann’s where there was a Branch sledding party going on.  They have a big hill right in their backyard, and it was a fun time as people were sledding, snowboarding, and sliding down. 


Elder Clark and I even got in on the fun, with a few safe runs down the hill!  There was lots of good chili, hot chocolate, and Bro Sides even made home-made donuts with his deep-fryer there. 

We threw plenty of snowballs as well, and had fun playing ping-pong in the basement.  Bro. Hann reminds me so much of the actor, Russel Crow, so I always give him a hard time about that. 

The rest of Saturday didn’t go as we had planned.  We had four different lessons set up with potential investigators, and all of them fell through.  Some of the places we end up teaching in are. . . not good.  It makes me appreciate the cleanliness we DO run into, and makes me always want to live a clean life.  I guess there’s a life lesson in this…sin builds up in our lives like trash and filth in a home, if we aren’t always careful about what we let in.  If too much builds up, then it may seem impossible to “clean house” and have repentance take place in our lives.  I would much rather clean up a “little mess” than have to do “DEEP CLEANING” after letting a lot of filth into my life!  Seeing some of the things I’ve seen has really made this a visual image for me.

I continue to be concerned about Flo.  We haven’t been able to contact her for awhile . . . she has been sick and I’m concerned about her confirmation.  She didn’t show up at church on Sunday, so we didn’t do her confirmation yet.    And the rest of Sunday wasn’t that great either.  It can be VERY difficult to work so hard and not see much for our efforts at times.  

Although I love doing missionary work, it can  very hard emotionally, too.  I’m working on staying positive and doing what the Lord wants me to do.  I know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing right now and the Lord will bless Elder Clark and me as we continue in the work we’ve been called to do.  I'm just very grateful that the "good" days are a lot more plentiful than the "bad" days!!

Remember to pray for us and SEND mail!! 


Elder Hunt

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