Monday, July 22, 2013

Sons of Thunder...Literally?!?!

MEMORY LANE. . . Peter Pan goes on a mission!!!
But what's with the blue tongue, Elder Hunt???

Dear Family,
Well, some fun things, and not-so-fun usual.  Last Monday night was a rough night of sleeping since our whole district got together, and I ended up sleeping on the bare floor in a room that 

Elder Thompson and Me

was about 90 degrees and no AC.  It wasn't much of a night of sleeping, but more waiting it out til morning came.  But it worked out okay, and then we all headed up to Moncton for Zone conference, which was really great.  Elder Thompson and I were asked to do a musical number, but we never had time to practice, so during lunch we found an arranged medley of Amazing Grace, Now We Take 

The Sacrament, and How Great Thou Art.  We played through it once before we performed and it went pretty well, all things considered.

One night this week we went to a Pentacostal Bible Study meeting a lady had invited us to.  Our appointments for the evening had fallen through, it was raining like a hurricane, so we decided to go.  It was very interesting and was a good experience.  We had some good talks with people there and we probably talked to them more about our missions than they talked to us about their doctrine.

Another day we did some service for Lucky, gave another investigator a tour of the church; we stopped in at Ben's and Molly's.  She dealing with a lot with the new baby and everything, but she's still reading and praying and wanting to be baptized.  She even took the Book of Mormon to the hospital so she could read there.  Later we got eaten by bugs again, but came across an English Riding Course.  We talked with the people there and also saw some beautiful horses!  We did a lot of walking and knocking, just steady going.  Lots of work is getting done and time goes by fast, even though it's really humid and hot out here!

Friday we were out contacting when a big thunderstorm rolled in and we got drenched!  I've never seen thunderstorms roll in so fast as I have out skies one minute and 10 minutes later there's no blue sky in sight!  For dinner that night we went to Janice's and had a great meal with her and her parents, then an amazing lesson.  She definitely gets the "Best Recent Convert" Award!  Afterwards, we stopped in downtown Woodstock to take pictures of the incoming storm.  The clouds were nearly BLACK!  There were lightning strikes going on like crazy for nearly an hour.  The clouds were funnel clouds...aka tornado style...and we could see them swirling pretty bad.  I was surprised we didn't have an actual tornado, considering there was one a couple of days earlier that tore up the town of Danforth (30 minutes south of Houlton).  But we did get an incredible sunset!!

On Saturday we helped a member build a big, wooden fruit/vegetable stand.  Elder Edmond and I masterminded the design and built the doors for it.  It was pretty fun since Elder Edmond knows carpentry really well, and I enjoyed working with him.  After that we went straight to a dinner hosted by Donald (the chef guy), with him, his wife and 4 other guests.  During the course of the dinner we were offered wine and beer...which we declined.  Later we were offered coffee and tea...declined again.  But in both cases it gave us the chance to talk about the church and what we do as missionaries.  It was a great evening of discussions, and also Donald made me play the violin and piano for everyone.  By the end of the evening we had become really good friends with everyone, and now they love us.  I got invited to each of their church's in town to play for their bad they conflict with our meeting schedule.  One guy (Roger) liked us so much he had us follow him home to his place and showed us his huge art studio.  He's quite the phenomenal painter and is also a 2-time Maine chess champion!

Sunday was a great day at church.  Our investigator, Mike, came for the first time.  He actually knew some of the members, so that was great, and things went very well.  After meetings the branch had it's Linger Longer, and we took a bit longer getting out to work.  I thought it would either be a really not-so-good day since it took us longer, OR it would be a great day so the Lord could remind me how great it is to get out and start working.  Well, after I thought that we knocked on the door of this 19 year old kid.  He instantly came onto the porch and invited us to sit down.  He had just started reading the bible a week earlier (after not doing anything with church since he was a little kid).  We taught him the restoration and he is so stoked about the gospel!!  He even committed to baptism on Sept. 14th!!  A really cool thing happened with that too!  It's just so great getting to be a part of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I hope you have a great week.  Keep praying for the missionary work to go forward.  It helps!

Elder Hunt


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