Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Holy Residual Hurricane, Elder Skinner!!

(Sorry about no post last week...we were in the middle of pulling carpet out, all the computers were disconnected, and I just couldn't do ONE MORE THING!!!  [Sorry, Elder Hunt!])

Dear Family,
Like most weeks, there was the good and bad this week.  Some of the good:  We met a 77 year old woman after we had knocked on a lot of doors and been turned away.  She invited us right in and we taught her the restoration.  Turns out she's a cousin to one of the branch members.  

We held a scripture study in Island Falls this week and taught on "Why is the Atonement necessary?"  It went really well and I love teaching with Elder Skinner.  We also held a scripture study in Houlton.  Janice was there and really enjoyed it.  She also received her first church calling...she'll be working in the Primary, and she'll do a great job!

We met a new investigator named who has been really prepared to receive the gospel.  He had met with the Elders a few years ago, but then some things happened and nothing more went on with learning about the church.  We're very excited to be able to teach him.  After we finished teaching him we went outside and saw a BIG storm coming.  Turned out it was an after effect of a hurricane and when it hit Woodstock, it hit hard!!  All of the power went out, every store was closed up, and lightning was striking trees.  We saw a brick building get ripped to pieces and bricks were flying everywhere.  It was pretty insane with the high winds and completely horizontal rain.  And we also found out that a tornado went through just a little north of where we were.  We stopped and picked up a lot of debris from the brick building on Main Street so cars could drive through town.  We also saw a rooftop that had blown off of a house, and was now sitting in the middle of a grocery parking lot.  Pretty crazy stuff. 

We did a lot of knocking this week, and a lot of it was in the rain.  A lot of people didn't want to hear our message, and we even had some scheduled lessons fall through.  But the lessons we did teach this week were really good.   It's always amazing to me to see how the Lord's hand is in all that we do.  Sometimes, when things aren't going so well, and it gets a bit discouraging, we then experience some "coincidental" things that we realize were great blessings from the Lord.

One of the coolest things this week was Sunday's church attendance.  It was an incredible day.  The entire church was full with an attendance of 87 people.  It was our Branch Conference, so it was great to have the Stake Presidency there, and Brother Judd from the high council was also there.  (He and I get along great, so it was good to see him again!)

When they announced our scripture study class in church, a couple of branch members stood up and told everyone, "Cancel anything you have on that night!  You NEED to be at this meeting the missionaries put on because of how incredible it is!"  That was pretty cool! It feels good to know the members are getting things out of our work and appreciate it.

And to top Sunday off, a less-active man brought five of his little girls to church, and they were so much fun to be around.  I just can't resist the kids and they kind of stick to me like glue.  We had dinner at their house Sunday night, and it was a great day all the way around.

I guess that about wraps it up.  I hope you all are doing great.  Have a wonderful week!

Elder Hunt
Elder Skinner
"Man, is Elder Hunt for real?!?!  He wears me out!!
Maybe Captain Moroni can give me some help!!"
Elder Hunt
"C'mon, Elder Skinner!!!  Let's go find
some people to teach!!!"

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