Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Some pretty cool
architecture in the old buildings!!!
Dear Family,

Other than some "bummer" health issues, things are going rather well!  Soooo much work to be done...it's kind of crazy.

On Tuesday we did some training stuff via Skype, then our District meeting...then setting up for a ward activity night that we were putting on...we had a "Minute To Win It" night, complete with instructional videos on how to do each thing, background music, a countdown timer on the big screen, etc.  It was a huge success with nearly 30 people there!  It was the first of our consecutively weekly activity nights.  Everyone had a blast and it was a night of laughter.

We put up posters and flyers for an upcoming concert which is the mission touring group that I've participated in before.  It should be a really good event!

Had a neat experience with a leadership training meeting.  Without going into too much detail, since there aren't adequate words to describe it anyway, all of us leaders were together discussing ideas and opinions about the missionary efforts here.  Well, it became rather chaotic, and going nowhere, but Elder Skinner suggested we pray to know what direction the Lord wanted us to take.  After we prayed, we all went to various rooms where we could be alone to think and pray more.  It was profound what took place with personal revelation.  As we got back together as a group, we could physically feel the difference in the room.  It was a great reminder/lesson how we can so gradually get away from the spirit, and kind of try to do things on our own, without really asking for divine guidance.  And that can end up rather badly.  But when we ask for spiritual guidance, it opens the doors to personal revelation, and brings the spirit back into our lives!  

Note:  I'm ready for winter to be over!!

Sunday, after speaking in church, we did some knocking and found a man who was VERY hard of hearing.  He told us to come back a bit later when his wife was home.  So we did.  At first she said she wasn't interested, but we talked for a bit at the door, and then she let us in "just to warm up," but then she had a lot of questions for us and it was so amazing to see the Spirit work in her as she wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon.  Amazing!  It's these kinds of experiences that make going through all the hard stuff worthwhile.

That's it for now.  Love you all!!

Elder Hunt

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