Wednesday, November 14, 2012


(Elder Hunt's view of Halifax. . . BEAUTIFUL!!)

Hello again from beautiful Nova Scotia!

This week, there were lots of different things that, here goes:

-I lost my USB drive that contained all of my pictures from out here, and from home, so I was feeling very depressed and sad. After searching for it and not being able to find it, I was able to kneel down and say a quick prayer. After that, we had the thought to go back and check at the library where we email from. We asked for the lost and found, and there it was. It was as simple as that. Whether it's something big or something as small as finding a flash drive, I know Heavenly Father hears our prayers and helps us always.

-One of the days this week, we had what is called "freezing rain." It's at the coldest point of temperature it can be at without the rain fully freezing into snow, so it's more of a freezing, slushy rain. We were out in it, and every time it hits your face, it just burns and is so cold! So now I actually can't wait for the snow!

-One day we got a call from a recent convert, saying that their laundry room had flooded. So we went right over, took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our slacks and sleeves, and then went to work cleaning it all up. Getting down and dirty is an interesting thing, especially while doing manual labor in a suit now, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Helping others out is what brings me the most happiness.

-We went with Stephanie, our investigator, to Institute this week over in Halifax. The teacher taught an amazing lesson about not judging others, and constantly being willing to help/serve them. It reminded me of earlier in the day when Elder Deem and I were driving somewhere, and we say a guy walking on the side of the road. He was wearing very ripped up skinny jeans, and everything he had on was black, with his hair all frayed in every direction. Right away, Elder Deem and I started talking/judging him. As soon as we started talking about him like that, I felt a major slap to the face from the spirit... reminding me that the guy was a person, too, the same as me, and Heavenly Father loves him just the same. So I've really been focusing and learning to not judge, no matter how small a matter it may seem.

-This week I had the opportunity to teach Gospel Principles class in church. It was good to be able to teach in that kind of setting, and I really enjoyed it, so hopefully I will have more teaching opportunities.

-Stephanie's Baptism date is now moved to November 24th. Not because she isn't ready...she is the most ready person I've ever met...but simply for fellowshipping purposes, so that she can get to know more of the people in the YSA branch before she's baptized. But it's still coming up soon so we're very excited! We found out earlier this week while we were teaching Stephanie that before we ever started teaching her, her mom and herself had been praying for more spiritual guidance for Stephanie. Then 2 weeks later, we show up on her doorstep. It's great to see the Hand of the Lord constantly in our work, and how he prepares the hearts of the people.

-So yesterday on P-day, we went over to a big park in downtown Halifax and played football with 8 of us Elders. It was a blast and we really had fun with it. Well, then we saw a group of people playing ultimate frisbee, so of course I went over and asked them if we could join them. They accepted and off the game went. It was 2 hours of hardcore, brutal ultimate frisbee. Now I can hardly move since my body hasn't felt actual physical activity for over 3 months now...I'm definitely paying the price because i'm walking like an old man and pretty much need a cane to even get around...just Heavenly Father showing me what I'll be like in a few years I guess!

-We had an amazing fireside put on by President Leavitt. It was titled "I'm a Mormon, and so what". Amelia Bruce and I performed our musical number again, with some people singing one of the verses in I Know That My Redeemer Lives. It set the tone for the meeting, and the talks were amazing. It is one of the times that I have felt the spirit the strongest in my entire life. Stephanie was there, as well as her mom, and her fried Tia. It's great to be out here and be able to meet amazing people like them and really to feel of their strong spirit and willingness to follow the Lord.

So in all, it was a fun-filled, exciting week. I'm grateful every day to be a missionary, and I can't believe I ONLY have about 21  months left...not very long at all! :(

Well, I love you all! Take care,
Elder Hunt

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