Monday, November 26, 2012

LOTS To Be Thankful For!!

Hi Family!
 This week, we had the opportunity to travel out to Sheet Harbour. It's in my area, but is about an hour and a half drive just to get there.... So that was quite fun. We got to see a lot of beautiful lakes and different places, and then helped a member that lives out there move a bunch of wood. I must've moved over 100 wheel barrels full of logs, so it was fun to work hard. (I HOPE they got to wear work clothes and didn't move all that wood in their suits!!  *_*  Just saw the pictures...they had work clothes on.  Hooray!!)
Elder Deem and I also managed to find a giant moose this week! Don't's not a real moose, but we did find it, and it's like a big statue moose. We managed to climb up on it with boosts to each other and to get some good pictures! Fun times.

So this week was American Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for, but most of all i'm thankful for the Gospel and the opportunity to learn as a missionary. 

Bruce and Sue Hampson had us over for Thanksgiving dinner, and I was absolutely STUFFED after. Such an amazing meal, and she even made chocolate candy bar pie because mom told her it was my favorite! I'm living the life!! (:
We got transfer calls! I found out that I will be staying here in Eastern Passage (Dartmouth), and I'll be training a brand new missionary...It's crazy. I just barely finish training this coming week, and now I'll be training a new guy. Oh well, it'll be a good opportunity and I hope he will learn from me as I also learn from him.  (Elder Deem, Elder Hunt's companion, is being transferred to Kentville, as the Zone Leader there, and will be training a new companion.)
This week, spiritually, was amazing.... We had Stephanie's baptism over the weekend, and I couldn't be happier for her. We've become close and she really is such a great friend to me, so I'm happy that she has decided to do those things necessary to follow our Lord and Savior. Stephanie asked me to baptize her, and I loved being able to do it. 

As we were there in the water, and I brought her back up, you could feel the spirit so strong and we knew that what was happening was what God wanted. 

Stephanie also asked me to confirm her on Sunday in Sacrament meeting. As she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, she began to tear up and continued to be emotional throughout the rest of the meeting. The Spirit will do that to you, and I am so grateful that she is able to be sensitive to the Spirit, and recognize the truth. Just overall such a great experience.
Later Sunday night, I exchanged with other Elders, so that Elder Thompson and I traveled down to Bridgewater with President & Sister Leavitt, and the Assistants. We drove down there, got set up quick, and put on a travelling fireside. I love being a part of it because I get to start the meeting off by performing a musical number on the violin, with Elder Thompson to accompany me. It really brings the spirit for the rest of the meeting and I'm grateful that I can use this gift Heavenly Father has given me. 

So we gave the fireside, ate refreshments and chatted with a bunch of the members there, and then packed up and drove through the night back to Dartmouth. Always on the go as a missionary, and loving every second of it!
So it's been a great week, and next time you hear from me, i'll have a new companion!
Love you all!
Love Elder Hunt


  1. We have had the pleasure of having Elder Hunt and his companion Elder Deem over for supper on several occasions. Our family have certainly enjoyed their sweet spirits and is grateful for their wonderful influence! Although we will be sad to see Elder Deem transfer, we are happy that Elder Hunt will be with us for the holidays. He is doing a fine job on his mission. Just wanted you to know, that us Canadians are looking after your son!

  2. Dear Sister "Let the party begin!"
    THANK YOU for your comment. So, are you in the Cole Harbour Ward?
    What is your name? Or, I guess I could call you "Sister Darren" *_*
    I am SO glad Elder Hunt is going to be in your area for Christmas!! It will be the closest thing to being "home" as he can get for the holidays where he knows so many people and loves being in this area!! (I assume you know that Sue Hampson and her former husband and kids were the first family I taught in my first area [Halifax] the first night I was on my is SOOOOO cool for my son and I to have this connection...I know exactly where he is when he tells me of experiences! I LOVE it!!)

    Thank you for helping take good care of my son. I sure hope the new missionary doesn't have too hard of a time adjusting during the holidays, with being out in the mission field so fresh! But I think he will enjoy being in your ward, AND with Elder Hunt as his trainer!!

    Thanks again!

    Sister Hunt