Monday, January 14, 2013

Of Mice (Gerbils) and Elders. . .

Hello Family!
I hear you're getting your own share of FROZEN-ness!  Things have been pretty mild here, for which I am extremely grateful!  Well, things are going great here lots of fun experiences to write about.

We ate dinner over at the Frank's house.  Bro. Frank is a character, but one of the most spiritual men I've ever met.  He used to own a restaurant and he made us a 4-course meal!  It was great!  He has a "clown room" in his house with a pretty legit collection.  He even had a painting of a clown playing a violin, which I loved!

We've been doing the Insanity Workout this is kicking my butt, but I love how it makes me feel.
Driving to Kentville???

We got to drive to Kentville for Zone training.  Elder Deem (Elder Hunt's trainer) gave an amazing training on how to receive personal revelation.

One of our investigators that we taught that evening said, "As you were just talking & sharing your testimony, I was looking at this picture of Jesus you gave me, and I felt something.  I felt calm and at peace for once."  I love seeing investigators recognize the spirit, and seeing them grow closer to Christ.

We had the opportunity to go to the temple one morning this week.  I love the peace and comfort that comes from the temple and the revelation we are able to receive.  Later in the evening we had dinner with the Renzetti family and had a good testimony meeting, where you could feel the spirit really strong.

After that we picked up a new greenie missionary and took him with us for his first night out.  We had a lesson with Mike and like always it was really good.  He is a great guy and really studying to find the truth.

On the third day of Insanity it was a killer session, but it's also really cool because the members are bringing non-member friends, and it's good to get to meet them.

We went to transfer lunch on Thursday at the mission home.  It's always nice to see the other elders there.

On Friday we had lunch with the Hampsons.  I'm always grateful when they have us over and I love the great  friendship/close family bond that we share.  Had some delicious Shephards Pie, and a good discussion on love and service to others.  After lunch we had to switch out our car.  We had a leaking tire that we had to put air in every day so the mission office gave us one of Pres. Leavitt's cars for the weekend.  It is SO nice to be driving around in an SUV!  We love it, even though it won't last too long.    

Elder Davidson got sick so we had to stay in after having our big planning meeting for the community talent show.  (That is going to be pretty amazing!  I am really looking forward to it!!  We might even get some radio stations, and local musicians involved...)  Poor Elder Davidson has a pretty bad cold so I'm keeping him medicated and taking care of my "son."  I'm still reading in the Old Testament...about 470 pages through it.  Leviticus and Numbers was pretty brutal ...I'm enjoying 1st Kings.

Oh, Ellen bought some baby gerbils.  She named one after me and one after Elder Davidson.  How awesome is that?!?!



Blue eyes on Elder Hunt??? WEIRD!!

I'm so glad Dad liked my little picture and video.  Wish I could have done more, but this is the mission field! 

On Sunday I was at the church early (7 a.m.) with Elder Nielson (one of the assistants) for some meetings that went really well.  I really enjoy my association with both of the assistants.  Church was really good today and after wards we had a really fun dinner at the MacDonnell's with 5 of us Elders, which doesn't happen very often.  Elder Lucie-oule is down in Metro for a week or so with the assistants, and he's French, so it's been a blast!  We had a great, very spiritual testimony meeting after dinner.  Each person bore  testimony, and you could feel the spirit come into the home really strong.  After that we went back to our apartment...Elder Davidson's sickness isn't getting any better.  I hope and pray I don't get sick!!

I love seeing the pictures from all of you.  Sorry that Nova Scotia is WARMER THAN ST. GEORGE right about now.  What's up with that?!  It was never that cold before.

Well, that's all for now.   I love you all so much, and miss you!!  Keep warm!

Elder Hunt

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