Sunday, April 14, 2013

Come On Mom!! Get With the Program!!! *_*

(My apologies to everyone for being SOOOOO late getting Elder Hunt's letter for LAST week up.  All I can say has been one doozy of a week!)

P-days are always fun, and it's great that our mission president gave us a larger allotment of time for emailing, AND we get to email family and friends!!  Puzzles are a stress reducer for me and I have a hard one that is nearly done.

One of the teenage investigators we are teaching was suspended from school for three days because of the April Fool's joke she pulled.  She put icy-hot on the toilets in the girls bathroom at her school.  Pretty cruel, but hilarious!

We also received a phone call from the Assistants asking us what we were doing right...because we were one of the top areas in the entire mission.  That was great to hear!

One Tuesday we traveled to Caribou for another district meeting.  All of these training meetings on planning and being more efficient have really changed my perspective and the way I do things.  After the training, I stayed in Presque Isle on an exchange with Elder McIntyre.  Our day was great as we met with many different people.

Wednesday was a crazy day.  We taught an investigator at the library.  When we were walking through the library, the cutest little boy ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug around my legs.  I had no idea who he was, and I was very confused.  A bit later some other kids came around the corner and then Elder McIntyre explained they are a member family in that area.

When it was time to exchange back, Elder McIntyre and I stayed together, but we switched to being in Houlton.  He needed to meet with Flo and talk to her.

There have been some disturbing things as well.  When people make references to committing suicide because "I just can't handle it, so I'll just shoot myself in the head," it really gets to me.  I have been very surprised at how much that happens out here.  Some days are just difficult, but there always seems to be something good, too, like having dinner with the Marshalls and being around their sweet kids.

Thursday didn't go so well.  We tried to contact Flo, but weren't very successful...even after waiting for 2 1/2 hours.  Eventually we had to head back to Presque Isle, but of course our car battery had died!  We knocked on a door to ask for jumper cables, and a naked man answered the door.  He gave us a jump box with cables that worked fantastically.  We made it back to Presque Isle with a very full and memorable day. Elder McIntyre and I would always say, "The positive part of this situation is . . . " which made even the difficult things more enjoyable.

Oh, we've been told for sure that Elder Holland is going to be coming out here for Stake Conference in a couple of weeks...on April 20-21st.  That'll be a neat experience to meet him.

Saturday was General Conference.  Having it in the mission field is simply incredible.  Every word, doctrine, line of counsel rings in your ears with eternal perspective.  It was exciting to hear that the new missionary numbers have reached over 65,000 with 20,000 more about to enter the field.  Also, the announcement of a new temple being built in Cedar City, Utah is exciting.  I hope to attend its dedication when it is completed.

There were so many talks I really enjoyed.  I loved Elder Bednar's quote, "Love increases through righteous restraint.  Love decreases through impulsive indulgence."  I have always felt good at the Priesthood session, but tonight I felt a very special, comforting sense of brotherhood.
I love the strength I receive from hearing the words of our leaders, and how they seem to speak right to me, answering ANY questions I might have.

That better be all for now.  Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Hunt

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