Monday, April 15, 2013

Great People, Great Opportunities, and even Great Food!!

Monday, April 8th, was a great P-day.  After we did our normal stuff, like emailing, laundry, etc., Porter and Celeste Nelson, and their kids Zion and Cocoa, all came down to visit Celeste's mom (Sister Tarbell) who happens to be in the Houlton Branch.  The Nelson's were in my ward in my Eastern Passage area so we met up and had lunch at the Big Stop Diner.  It was really great to see them and catch up, since I never got to say good-bye to Porter or Zion when I left, and we've become great friends!

On Tuesday we were a bit surprised when Elder Clark, our zone leader, and Elder McIntyre (DL) walked into our apartment while my companion and I were studying. After a bit we headed up to Caribou together for our District Training.  At one point we were talking together and ZL Elder Clark mentioned how incredible it's going to be to "meet Elder Holland, an Apostle of the Lord!"  When I mentioned how I've gotten to meet President Monson, President Uchtdorf, and President Hinckley, he was astounded!  I never thought about it too much before, but living in Utah definitely has its perks!

Wednesday, April 10th we had a lesson with Storm'e (pronounced's French).  We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and she loved it.  She is so excited for her baptism on May 4th.  The Tarr family has been a big support to Storm'e and they are able to answer her questions whenever she's around.

Loved having dinner with the Spinneys, and then had a correlation meeting with Brother Marshall in Woodstock.  Their son John is 19 and we get along really well.  I've told him that I'm determined to get him active in the church, and baptize his girlfriend along with that.  So, we'll work hard, and pray for the Lord's help in knowing how to help them.

Thursday Elder Clark and I FINALLY found a program to use to print off a big map of our now we actually have maps of all our uncluttered territory.   This evening we went to Burt and Phyllis' home for dinner.  They are a nice, non-member couple in their 70's.  They are the sweetest couple, and invited us for dinner and a lesson.  We taught the Restoration after a great dinner.

Friday was the 12th, and we spent a good portion of it planning.  (We have been told rather often that we have the best/most organized area book in the mission.  After the additional planning and changes we made, we might have the best daily planners as well!

We had a dinner with the Sides family, and their son and girlfriend came over.  We ended up playing Apple 2 Apples and got to know them really well.  As a result, they want to have us over to their place where we will be able to teach them.  Even a simple thing like playing a game can open doors to missionary work.

On Saturday we did some knocking on doors.  It was snowing and pretty cold, so that was enjoyable as usual.  Our hands freeze off because we carry things to have ready to share with people, so we can't wear gloves, or it's too hard to handle the materials.  Usually we use a golf ball to knock on doors because using our knuckles hurts too badly.  When we stopped for lunch we went to the best "hole-in-the-wall" cafe, ever! It's called Dow's Market and it was a little piece of Heaven!!

President Leavitt gave us a call and told us to go buy a webcam.  So we did, hooked it up to the computer at the church, and installed Skype.  Then we talked with President Leavitt via Skype for awhile.  He talked to us about a lot of things going on in the mission...and he wants me to travel to Bathurst to be in the Missionary Concert Series that is being put on.  He wants me to also go to Caribou and do it again, but that's the same date as Storm'es baptism.  I'm not sure how it will all work out, but I'm sure it will.

Sunday was a GREAT day at church!!  Storm'e really enjoyed coming to church and the topic of repentance was perfect since it was what our discussion was about last night.  Our stake president (New Brunswick Stake) was here, too, which is very rare around here!  He talked to us about Stake Conference and Elder Holland being present.  Everyone is very excited for next week.

We also had ten less-actives there, which was an incredible turn-around.  It is very exciting to see the gospel take hold in people's lives!

After church, Elder Clark and I did some planning of service and other activities to do soon.  We're going to set up a mini-concert series with myself and a few of the members, and taking it around, performing in all of the nursing/retirement homes.  It will be great to give the people something to do, as well as talk to them, their families, and the staff.  We're also organizing a scripture study class, which will be great, too!

It's nice to hear from and about home.  I'm so glad you all got to go to Conference.  It sounds like you had a lot of fun.  I'm glad Erika could go, too!  By the way, Happy Birthday, Mil!  Hope you had a fun day!!  And I love the pictures, and loved the sound recordings from everything during Conference weekend!!

Have a great week.  Be sure to share the gospel with others!  It's an amazing gift to share!

Elder Hunt

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