Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Dear Family,
Sorry about last week...I don't know why things didn't get through to you other than a couple of pictures. 
I’ll try to recap things for you.
The week of transfers we went out to Chelton Beach and took a bunch of pictures.  The ocean was completely frozen over so it was no problem walking on water!  It was a fun last prep day on the island.  We had a lot of “last dinners,” and “last lessons.”  There are so many people I’m going to miss; so many people who are progressing in the gospel.   Elder Tibbitts gave me a blessing before transfers, which was a big help, too.

There's always good and bad to everything...especially when saying "good-bye!"

Thursday morning of the 16th we drove to Moncton, New Brunswick where we met up with all the other missionaries.  It’s always great to see everyone…notice the picture of me and Elder Tusa!! 
 Elder Wolsey, my new companion, and I packed up and drove back to Fredericton.   After a dinner appointment that night, we tore apart our apartment and got it in livable condition. 
The next day we had a Skype call with Pres. Leavitt, the AP’s and the other Zone Leaders.  Then we had correlation with the other missionaries.  The Hendrickson’s are a senior couple who are great, and we also have Sister Lewis and Sister Gouchner…who is from Holladay, Utah…and apparently kind of knew about me because she knows friends of Erika’s.  Small world. 

We visited with a recent convert named Steven.  He is someone I visited/taught on exchanges before he was baptized here in Fredericton.  It was so great to see him and see the light in his eyes since being baptized.  It was a great experience.
One evening we were knocking on doors in an apartment building.  A lady answered her door and we began to talk to her.  But before we knew it, three other doors opened, and people came out and talked.  It was like a swarming ant-hill, but we really neat.  We were able to set up some lessons so we’ll see what happens.  

   And so THIS week has been good...finished cleaning and arranging our apartment on p-day, emailed, did laundry and then had dinner at the Mattice's.
Tuesday was way busy and strange!!  We had our first zone meeting with all the missionaries, and it went well.  Afterwards we went on exchanges, and I got to go with Elder Diodati (from our MTC days).  In the evening we had some things fall through then decided to go visit a less-active member that hasn't been visited for quite awhile.  I'll just say it was a good thing we did.  A strange situation...but it was good we were there.

  On Wednesday we had one of the young men in our ward spend the whole day working with us and it was really good.  We had two lessons that went great and we also did some street contacting downtown.  It is SO nice to be backin the city...so many people everywhere to talk to.  It was still freezing though, and I didn't have any gloves.  My hands were frozen at -18 degrees, even with hand warmers!!  In the evening we had dinner at the only Mexican restaurant in Fredericton.  It was so good to finally taste Mexican food again.  When we were contacting after dinner, I slipped eight times on the ice because my shoes have no traction on the ice and snow.  I feel so blessed not to have any broken bones the way I fell each time. 

There was a very tender situation this week too.  We contacted a referral and it turned out he had had a very bad week.  Without going into all the details, it was very important that we were there when we were and he is interested in learning more about the gospel.
And then a funny thing...I had made Bro. Gallant's famous taco shells and E. Wolsey and I stuffed ourselves to the brim with tacos.  Right when we finished, we got a text from a member wondering if we were still coming for dinner.  So we jumped into the car, and rushed to the dinner appointment we didn't know we had.  We managed to eat all the food, but then for dessert they made us eat THREE pieces of cheesecake.  I was so blessed to be able to get all of the food down that I did!

It's a busy life as a zone leader but I love where I'm at right now.  I feel such an appreciation and love for my family and friends.
I think we're caught up now.  I hope you're all enjoying the new year.  I'm amazed at how time is flying!
Elder Hunt

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