Monday, April 21, 2014


Dear Family,
So much to little time!  The nutshell version is:  we are SO busy on the rock!!  Lots of travel time, but also lots of work, planning, teaching, etc.  Here goes some of the details:

Last Monday, (Amelia's birthday), we were able to do some emailing but then the rest of the day was spent handling Roger Tobin's funeral. It was held at a massive Pentacostal church.   We met with the two pastors beforehand as we were co-presiding with them.  What an experience!  I read the 23rd Psalm and Elder Dupont gave the tribute.  The spirit was really strong until the "strange sermon" that was delivered after us.  The service finished, we went to the burial, then came back for the luncheon with the family.  We were able to talk with quite a few people and answered a lot of questions.  At one point, Elder Dupont was teaching the Pastor the Restoration, as I was teaching one of his members the Restoration.  It was pretty cool!  After all of that we grabbed a quick dinner of cereal and drove the 3 hr. drive to Cornerbrook for our zone training on Tuesday.  
We spent Tuesday in Cornerbrook.  Had the zone training meeting.  Since things are spread out so far geographically, the missionaries on the east side of Newfoundland got together there and Skyped into the meeting.  It would have been great to be altogether, but it's just not possible.  Pres. Leavitt and the AP's gave talks over Skype, then I gave one on "Contacting Skills" and Elder Dupont gave one on "How to Begin Teaching."  It was great to see Elder Tusa and Sister Drew again since we all served in PEI together.  After the training we spent the rest of the day in Cornerbrook and worked with the Elders there.  We had some good contact and some good lessons, but my favorite part was that night.  When we got back to the apt., I discovered I had Sister Drew's camera from the training meeting.  So, naturally, we had to come up with a pretty hilarious video to put one it.  (Maybe Mom can upload it...)(I'll do my best!!) 

On Wednesday we finished up in Cornerbrook then headed back to Grand Falls.  As soon as we got back it was busy, busy!!  We went out contacting and had a few lessons as well.  We've also started doing things with the youth center here, so toni we helped out with a "Reality of Drugs" night.  We talked with a lot of youth and listened to the presentation given by drug offenders from prison.  It was really good and I'm excited for the opportunities this will give us.

Thursday we made the one hour drive to Gander and had meetings scheduled nearly every single hour throughout the day.  When we had a spare 30 minutes we contacted some former investigators.  At one point Elder Dupont felt impressed to knock on the door NEXT to where we were going, so we did.  The nicest young woman (married with one child), answered the door, invited us right in and was very interested.  We only shared the Book of Mormon with her since we had no time.  We go to Gander once a week, so we will definitely be meeting with her and her husband again.  After a few more lessons we sped back to Grand Falls for an activity night.  (Do you ever get tire of hearing how tired I get!?!?) (No, it just makes ME tired!!)

Friday was jam-packed, too!  We did our weekly planning, then had a few lessons.  We found one potential investigator who happens to be a female RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer.  However, the shock of my day came when we went to dinner that night.  I won't go into all of the gory details, but it was not my favorite, but the lady had worked so hard fixing it, I just put a LOT of ketchup on everything and ate two heaping platefuls...she thought I loved it.  Mission accomplished!  In the evening we had a couple more lessons and some new investigators.  

Saturday we were all over the place!  There's a gal here who is so ready for baptism...however she has a very abusive boyfriend who is anti-LDS.   She is doing well and we hope she sees her way clear to  get out of that relationship.  We had a lesson with Tim who is ready to be baptized.  The only problem is that he lives three hours away from here so it's a little complicate.  He's listened to the Book of Mormon six times now!!  Then we met with Cory, who is blind.  We watched (listened) to the Restoration DVD with him, and he began to tear-up as he listened to the First Vision.  There are many good things starting to happen in Grand Falls...and other places in our area!

Sunday was a ROUGH day.  I woke up around 3 a.m. throwing up.  (Maybe it was Friday night's dinner catching up with him!!) And I was sick every 20-30 minutes til morning.  It was pretty miserable, but I mustered up the energy to shower and get ready for church.  Here in Grand Falls, we can't really miss church because if we do then there's no church.  I still felt horrible and I couldn't keep anything down in my stomach.  Major diarrhea.  Horrible heartburn.  AWFUL!  At least at Church I didn't vomit anymore!  After church I rested for an hour and then we went to a care center and put on an Easter Service.  I played the piano for the service and made it through.  Then we headed back to our apartment so I could recover.  I slept and rested the rest of the day.  No bueno!

So, as you can see, overall things are going great.  Lots of work to be done, and I'm excited to be a part of it!  Wish I could be there for Mil's and Kristy's birthdays, but I'm sure you all are having fun anyway!  I love seeing all the pictures of everyone and the fun times you have together.  It makes me happy to see everyone doing stuff together.  I love you all so much!

Elder Hunt

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