Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Dear Family,
The highlights of the mission this week were a couple of big storms that blew in, some great lessons, rugby practice and coaching, our ward Movie Night on Friday, and doing splits with the Assistants on Saturday.
The details:  On Tuesday we talked with the track and rugby coaches and athletic directors at the high schools. We also did some contacting at the University and street contacting and got a lot of good potentials.  One was really cool!  Wednesday I went to the chiropractor for my back, which seemed to help.  Afterwards we met with the rugby coach at Leo Hayes High Schoo and had a great talk.  And I'm now an assistant coach for their rugby team.  I am their "backs" coach and help out at practices twice a week.  
On Thursday it was beautiful, but cold and windy.  I miss the scenery from home...mountains, red rocks, sand...oh well.  We got the projector and surround sound set up for the movie night, then contacted some less-actives.  And I had my 2nd chiropractic appointment.  It felt much better than the first one, so my back is improving.  
Friday we had our weekly planning, and in the afternoon we had our first rugby practice.  It went really well and was a blast!  I had to tell a few kids to "watch your mouth!" quite a few times, but it was great.  We had dinner after with the Duplseas and their less-active son and non-member wife were there, too, so it was really good.  We rushed back to the church in time for the movie night.  We watched "Forever Strong" and it really hit me rather hard.  But on Saturday we had splits with the Assistants and Elder Prince and I had an amazing day!  Probably one of the most faith-building days of my entire mission!  I guess the easiest way to explain it is that we learned and experienced what it was like to constantly be led by the Spirit to find the people we were supposed to meet.  It was a great day!
And Sunday ANOTHER storm hit Fredericton.  Not many people showed up for church, which isn't unusual when there's a storm,  but we had a great spiritual Fast and Testimony meeting.  After church Elder Skinner and I were out contacting a bunch of different people and we got blasted in the face by ice pellets.  It was almost as much fun as a cow getting branded, I'm sure!  Later in the day we had dinner at the Richard's.  The daughter, Emmaline, is in 10th grade, is basically a member but hasn't been baptized due to her father's refusal until she's 18.  She's a strong girl and has a great testimony.  So great to see young people with such strong testimonies and willing to keep the commandments in spite of difficult circumstances.

Well, that about does it for now.  I can't believe the pictures I see from home!  There are FLOWERS, and GRASS, and it looks like SPRING!!!  Winter just loves to hold on out here!!

I love you all!

Elder Hunt

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