Monday, April 14, 2014

Grand Falls, Newfoundland...Here I Come!!

Dear Family,
It's official, I'm being transferred to Grand Falls - Windsor, Newfoundland, and my new companion will be Elder Dupont.  That was from my journal entry on April 7th!  I had a good last day of practice with the rugby boys.
Had a lot of good-byes to say before leaving for The Rock.  Sure going to miss Adam Strangemore...he has been my "Denzel" out here.  He gave me one of his rank-advancement patches for "Master Corporal" as a parting gift, which really means a lot to me.  Saying good-bye to the Mattice family was hard.  They have been so good to me.
On Thursday the 10th I spent most of the day travelling.  First to Moncton, then to Halifax, then to the airport...which isn't the best thing when you're not done with your mission...makes one a bit trunky...then I flew to Dear Lake, Newfoundland, where Elder Dupont picked me up and then we drove our spiffy, new 2014 Chevy Silverado back to Grand Falls, Windsor.  That took a couple more hours and it was late when we got in.  I was so ready for bed!
I think Elder Dupont and I are going to get along really well.  He's a little older, very organized and clean!  Our apartment is going to be immaculate!!

Newfoundland is definitely a world of its own!  It is very difficult to understand what people are saying...I'm sure they have their own language, even though I'm told they are speaking English!  I've been offered a bunch of different fish and native Newfie dishes.

Our church is held in an apartment and Elder Dupont is in the Branch Presidency.  Things are very different up here.  We travel everywhere across Newfoundland and are constantly busy.  On Saturday we cleaned the "church" and then went to contact an investigator.  She had two friends there, and we taught them as well, and had a great lesson.  So we've picked up some new investigators.  We had several other lessons during the day.  In the evening we went to a viewing, which brought back a lot of memories from Denzel's viewing.  The members here are so sweet though and I'm excited to be here.  It was pretty funny at one of our lessons the investigator stopped me and commented on my accent!  In my head I thought, "MY accent???  what about YOUR accent???"  But I guess I am the foreigner!

Sunday the 13th was my first day of Church in Newfoundland...and it made me humbled and grateful.  Here's how it went:  For church, we call the few members we have and see if they are coming.  Then, since there is little transportation, we go pick them up in our truck and bring them to church.  Today we had 6 people (including ourselves) at church.  Three were single women, and one was a non-member 8 year old.  For church, we Skype into the Cornerbrook Branch, so we watch their meeting at our "apartment church" and then Elder Dupont and I do the Sacrament since we're the only Priesthood.  It was different to have church over TV and especially with so few people.  But, the church is true regardless of the numbers and it was a neat experience.
In the afternoon we did some preparations for our zone training meeting coming up, then we went out contacting.  The people here in Newfoundland are generally so much nicer than anywhere else I've been on my mission.  There are a lot of funny cultural differences, but I quite enjoy it.

Well, I'm sure there will be lots more to tell you as I adapt to this new culture.  I hope you have a great Easter.  I'll be thinking about you!!

Elder Hunt




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  1. HI! My son, Cody, recently received his mission call to the Canada Halifax Mission. We found Elder Hunt's blog shortly after. We have so enjoyed the last couple of weeks looking at the pictures and reading old posts about the things going on in the Canada Halifax Mission. It has helped my son to become even more excited about his call. Thank you for sharing your son and his experiences. I would welcome any advice or tips you have as I prepare my son to serve there also. My email address is Thanks so much, Collette Kelley