Monday, June 23, 2014

Amazing Week!!

Hi Family,
You know when something really, really cool happens...but you can't really talk about it for awhile?  Well, that's this week!!  Ask Mom about it...she knows!  But there was a lot of other good stuff too, so I'll try to explain this week the best I can.

President Leavitt spent a few days with us and that was amazing.  We were able to meet with a lot of different people and teach them, in a bunch of separate lessons.  When we had a few "spare" minutes, we stopped in at the big Catholic cathedral and met with the Priest there.  While President Leavitt was talking with him, I asked permission to play the organ in the huge church.  I played "How Great Thou Art" and it sounded amazing with the beautiful acoustics!

I really enjoyed all of the opportunities to learn from President Leavitt, as we taught side by side.  He has given me so many insights into our missionary work, but also life skills and things that will help me the rest of my life.  He is a great role model for me, especially as he listens to inspiration and follows the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

One of the days we were together we drove to Gander to get President acquainted with that area.  I pointed out the big Salvation Army Church there.  He had never been inside one we went.  We visited with the secretary until the Captain (pastor) arrived.  We had a great visit with him and then we headed over to our dinner appointment at the Parkes' home.  We had a meeting after dinner with the members in Gander.  There is no branch there because there are so few members, but we had a good discussion on things that can be done to change that.  They call themselves a "twig" since they are too small to be a branch.

One evening we had an activity at the church, where we taught everyone how to get up to the pulpit, stand there, and be able to speak.  So many are deathly afraid to get up in front of people and bear their testimony.  But it was a good activity and very helpful!

Did you know that Paul (in the New Testament) uses sports analogies to get his point across at times?  Read Corinthians to see what I'm talking about!  :)  He really taught to the people's frame of mind and understanding.

Rosie is preparing for her baptism next Saturday (my birthday!) and I am so excited for her.  It will be a very memorable birthday!

It's going to be a rather busy and crazy week next week.  We leave for St. Johns on Monday and getting things ready for the baptism, etc.  It's coo how light it is here.  We just had the summer solstice so we have a major amount of daytime light since we're so far north.  It gets light about 4:30 a.m. and is still a little light at 10:30 p.m.  It's pretty cool.

Well, that all for this week.  I'm excited to hear when Amelia has her baby!  Keep me posted!!  And tell Dezmond "happy birthday!" from his Uncle Dallin!!

Elder Hunt


  1. Elder Hunt, my grandson, Alexander Steimle reports to the MTC July 30 for Halifax. Trying to get some real time, real life input on clothing for the mission. Is the list given by the mission pretty accurate? Would you or your parents have any suggestions? Thanks and the Lord bless you in your work.

  2. My son received his mission call to Halifax and will be arriving at the end of September. I too have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us.