Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Elder Hunt's LAST Transfer!!

Hi Family!
So, lots of interesting stuff this week.  First of all, last Monday (the 23rd) I got a call from Elder Lockhart, the senior missionary in CornerBrook.  He told me that his daughter was getting married soon, so he called someone about printing the wedding announcements...turns out he talked to Aunt Janet!!!  He told her that he was on an island in Atlantic  Canada.  Janet knew I was out here, and Elder Lockhart said, "Let me guess...is the missionary you know Elder Hunt?"  She was surprised and asked, "How did you know??"  He replied, "Becausehe was at my house for supper a couple of nights ago!"  Small world!

One day this week we were out knocking, and there were about 8 kids in a yard playing with a soccer ball.  They were trying to see who could bounce it off their feet the most times without it touching the ground.  So naturally, I had to join in the fun.  I got it going pretty good before losing control, and then accidentally kicked it really hard and it drilled a little kid right in the face.  I felt bad as he ran away crying before I could do anything about it!

Another small world thing...found out that Sister Drew (who was in my PEI area, and is now in CornerBrook) is the niece of my good friend and coach, Kenny Rivera.  Amazing!!

A lot of the week was spent in anticipation of Rosie's baptism...finding a place in the river where she could be baptized.  This was harder than it sounds because she is very afraid of the water.  We found a couple of places that were promising, but then they didn't work out.  We even went up to a house that we saw with a nice pool in the backyard and asked if we might be able to use it to perform a baptism.  It was the most awkward door approach ever!.  Long story short, they declined.  Luckily Elder Dupont and I work well together and have a lot of laughs as we work, so that helps a lot!

Several things happened the last couple of days, we got a text from Rosie Saturday morning saying she was sick, had a long night, and wouldn't be able to be baptized that day.  It was a pretty big disappointment, especially since it was going to be done on my birthday.  As we were working through everything, we stopped at Annie Kings, and they had put up a birthday sign, made us hamburgers, and a cake for my 21st birthday.  It was such a nice thing, and really helped pick my spirits up.  They also gave me some cool Newfoundland keepsakes and gifts, which were great!  Then we went over to Cathy's place, and she had made a cake, too!!  We enjoyed eating that cake as well!!

Sunday was SUCH a surprise.  We remembered that transfer emails were coming out, and I was absolutely sure that Elder Dupont would be transferred and I would finish out this last six weeks in Grand Falls...well, I was totally shocked when I read the email saying Elder Dupont was being transferred to Halifax, and I was being transferred to Sackville, Nova Scotia to train a brand new missionary and to be the District Leader there as well!!  It's a little funny because when I left my Cole Harbour area at the beginning o my mission, I told everyone, "I'll be back before the end of my mission."  Turns out I was right, as I'll be back in the metro area and only about 15 minutes away from Cole Harbour.

After we found out about transfers, we had church and broke the news to everyone.  They were all shocked too, and pretty sad.  We had a good testimony meeting though and a giant pot-luck afterward.  Rosie was there and shared her testimony.  She has a strong testimony, and she apologized  about not getting baptized.  I was impressed that she would do that.  For the closing hymn, we sang :God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again," and I played the keyboard.  As we sang I couldn't hold back my tears.  I absolutely love these people of Newfoundland and I can't believe I have to leave in a few days!

Well, that better be all for now.  I am so excited that Amelia had her baby!  I can hardly wait to meet him and hold him!  I hope you all enjoy the 4th of July!  I sure love you all.

Elder Hunt  

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