Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Dear Family,
I really enjoy emailing home and hearing how things are going.  Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on stuff.
Last prep day we met up with the Assistants,  and Elders Layton and Torrie, and went to see the “Dingle” which is an old, famous tower here in Halifax.  It was a lot of fun and I love spending time with the other missionaries, too!
Tuesday – we had a district meeting in Sackville.  I set it up really nice and when the missionaries arrived they were surprised to see that someone took the time to make it nice.  The meeting went well and I’m enjoying being back in the role of district leader.  After our meeting, I went on an exchange with Elder Lybert to Bridgewater.  We had a very busy and full day and it was really enjoyable.  Bridgewater is a beautiful place and it was cool to be in one of Mom’s old areas!!
Wednesday – I returned to Sackville and we drove out to the Smith’s for lunch.  They are such a nice family and their son, Ely, is really great.  Also, President Leavitt asked me to be in charge of organizing a concert for the Senior Missionaries Conference.  So I’m starting to put that together, and really enjoy doing this kind of event-planning!!
Thursday – We did some good, hard, manual labor for Phil Jack.  We cut up a bunch of his trees that got torn down during the hurricane last week.  It felt good!!  Then we took the bus down to Bedford.  Bus contacting is pretty fun because the people can’t go anywhere!!  We had some good contacting before having supper with the James family.  It’s amazing how involved they are in missionary work.  It’s great!!  After that,  we had a Family History Workshop,  and then a lesson with our investigator, Brian.  He’s the guy we met last week who we talked to about the Sabbath being changed to Sunday…well, we had a prayer before we taught the lesson, and that really helped me.  I was a bit nervous, but the lesson went really well and he wants to come to church now!  He’s a great guy and it’s exciting to be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him!
Friday – we did our weekly planning session and then took the bus down to the mission home where we met up with Sister Hendrickson (my mission mom!), as well as Sister Leavitt.  We practiced our music for the upcoming Senior’s Conference, and that went really well.  Sis. Hendrickson dropped us off at the bus terminal when we were done and we went back to Bedford.  We had a few minutes to grab some dinner, but we only had $3.00 between Elder Blum and myself, so we bought a baguette and ate it for dinner.  We finished off the night by helping a sister pack up her apartment.  It was a busy, non-stop day!
Saturday – We did some contacting on the waterfront, then we went to Cole Harbour for a Stake Priesthood Meeting.  It was so nice to be back there and see so many people from my first area!!  I’m hoping Pres. Leavitt will let me attend church there one Sunday before I return home.  We were able to swing by to say hello to Porter and Celeste Nelson on our way back.  Then we had a lesson with Donna, who is really solid and genuinely working towards baptism.  She is smart and understands everything we’ve been teaching her.  We did some knocking in the evening and then visited the Barnett family.  They are a lot of fun and we had a good visit.  They have a bunch of animals and showed me their horses…looking forward to riding in a few weeks!
Sunday – Meetings were good in spite of an “incident” with someone chewing out the sisters for something.   And I finally got to meet Bishop Johnson, who was back from vacation.  We went over there for dinner and it was great!  The Morrison family from Kentville ward also joined us for supper.  I had a good, long chat with Bishop Johnson on his deck and wish I had more time to work with him and in this area.  It was a great day!

That's about all for now!!

Elder Hunt

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