Sunday, June 15, 2014


(Can I just say how glad I'll be when Elder Hunt gets I can stop feeling the stress of updating his blog each week!!!  *_*    And since I'm commenting on here...we were gone for a week to Palisade Lake, and NO, I didn't take my computer with me!!!  We got back on Thursday, I turned around and went to SLC for some meetings over the weekend...and now it's suddenly FRIDAY, a week later!!  That's how I got two weeks behind!!   And one last thing!  Can I also say, "WAHOOO!!!!!"  We have Elder Hunt's travel itinerary for his return on August 15th!!  Amazing!!!  Okay, now I'm done commenting!  On with news from Elder Hunt!)

Hi Family,
Obviously my mother is overworked and underpaid, so I'll cut her some slack and just let you look at pictures!!  Actually, the work is going really well in spite of the long distances we have to travel.  We had a great zone conference with Elder Snow...we also watched the Canada-wide broadcast with President Eyring, Elder Holland, Elder Perkins, and Sister Burton.  They were amazing and motivating!!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  There are some incredibly beautiful places up here on the Rock!!

Elder Hunt

LOVE about a "snow door!!"  *_*

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