Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear Family,
So this week has NOT been one of the most amazing weeks of my mission.  I have been very, very sick.  But at least it wasn’t my stomach giving me trouble.  I’ve had body aches and chills, like I did when I had meningitis…but I think it was just the flu.  We tried to get out and do different things in spite of my being so sick…had some great meetings with Rosie and she has set a baptism date for July 4th, which is so exciting.  Even though I’ve been coughing up gross mucus, and have slept a lot, we’ve had some good teaching appointments and a couple of dinner appointments, too.  Elder Dupont gave me a blessing and that helped, as well.
Wednesday was an especially hard day.   I think when I’m sick it’s easier to feel down and “abandoned.”  All the more reason why we need to work hard to keep our bodies healthy…so our minds and spirits have a good environment to be in!  Sister Leavitt told me to go to the hospital, because things were getting really bad, but I decided to wait until Thursday and see how things were…and they were much improved.  So I didn’t go.  We had a good morning of working, came back to the apartment for lunch, and I passed out…until 6:00 p.m.  I think the rest really helped.  We were able to go teach Rosie again that evening, and it was great!
On Friday we volunteered, helping with the Relay For Life event and we also did a lot of knocking and contacting. 
And we have had some good lessons with Jeff.  He is making some good changes in his life, and it’s exciting to see his progress and growth.  Great to be a missionary!!

Elder Hunt

P.S.  Happy Birthday to Nat and to Hans!!!

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