Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Dear Family,

Things how been warming up so nicely here in Grand Falls, and we thought Spring was right around the corner. . . well, we were wrong!!!  Last Monday was Cinco de Mayo, but it doesn't really mean anything here since no one has any idea what "Mexican" is.   We had a good evening, though, having FHE with Cathy, Cindy, Raymond and Robbie.  We had a lesson, then played some board games.  It was the first time they had ever had a Family Home Evening.  Tuesday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland...AGAIN!  And it continued to snow all day.  But things went well in spite of the weather.
Wednesday was good (Elder Dupont and I get to train at a gym before hours, and have the gym to ourselves, which is really nice!!).  Had a great Skype interview with President Leavitt, and also had a "Reptile Night" at the youth center where we volunteer.    I got to hold a tarantula, pet an anaconda snake, a python, a tortoise, and iguana, and an alligator!!   We also had a "Pie Fundraiser" where people could pay $2.00 and throw a pie in one of the volunteer's faces.  Obviously, Elder Dupont and I were picked a few times to get pied!! 
Thursday we drove out to Gander.  We worked there for the whole day.  There's a member there who has a pretty "colorful" past, but found the church and has turned himself around.  Just goes to show that the Lord can work with anyone!!!  We also did some contacting and found a few good potentials!  In the evening we were back in Grand Falls, and held our Young Men's activity.  We had a soccer game, and got a lot of the kids that were at the park to join in with us.  It was a good night!
On Friday we visited an investigator who is in the hospital to help her stop smoking.  It makes me sad to see people whose families have dissolved to the point where the children don't want to see their mom, even on Mother's Day.
The day started out so beautiful on Saturday, but it quickly turned to rain, then freezing rain!  In the evening we had dinner with John and Angie.  It was a fun time and a great meal!  After that we met with Tim and talked about his upcoming baptism.  He's having some difficult feelings, so we will continue to work with him and pray for him.
And Sunday was great!  We had a good time at church, and spent the day knocking and contacting.  After dinner we got to Skype home!  It was s good to see so many of you, and to hear Brandon and Nikki!  And it was especially nice to talk with Mom since it was her day!!It was kind of weird to have to talk about plans for "when I come home."  But it was great to be able to Skype with the family!!
I hope you have a great week!! And who knows, maybe spring will manage to come to Newfoundland after all!!

Elder Hunt


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