Monday, May 5, 2014


Dear Family,

First of all, I can't believe it's already May!!!  I never thought I'd see this point of my mission, but here it is!
This week we've had some great lessons with potential investigators, with less actives, and with new investigators.  We've also had LOTS of opportunities to go knocking, and doing parking lot contacting.  

 On Thursday evening we had our branch games night and there were EIGHT people there, so it was a big success!  And on Friday, later in the evening, we were doing some knocking and not having much success.  We kept going anyway, and just before we were about to head in for the night, a car pulled into the driveway ahead of us.  We met the couple, and they agreed to meet with us in a couple of days.  It always surprises me, but doesn't, how these "last door" experiences happen when you keep working and enduring.
Oh and Saturday was a little bit hard for me.  I knew that the BYU Rugby boys were playing in the National Championship game and my heart was stretched out from Newfoundland to Utah!!  But I'll have plenty of time for that when I'm home!

 When we were out contacting Saturday afternoon, there was a little kid who was so annoying and talking to me.  I wanted to ignore him, but then I had the thought, "What if this was MY kid?"  So I gave him my attention and listened intently.  We ended up have a good conversation.  Always learning on a mission!

On Sunday I heard about BYU's win!  I was so happy!!  After church and a few dropped appointments, we met up with Jef at his parent's ranch.  He is a body builder, and has a lot of military experience.  He really reminds me of Denz.  We had a great discussion out in the countryside where he showed us his horses.  He's finally willing to change and learn to develop a personal relationship with God.  He's such a good guy and the Gospel is going to bless his life immensely.

 In the evening we got to watch the CES Devotional broadcast given by Elder Ballard.  He gave a great talk about finding a time and place where we can be completely alone and unplugged from the world to have regular personal interviews with yourself.  A bit hard on the be alone...but it was great counsel!

That's about all for now.

I love you all!!

Elder Hunt

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