Monday, May 19, 2014


Dear Family,
This has been an amazing week!  Maybe the pictures will have to do most of the talking!
Pres. Leavitt gave Elder Dupont and I permission to drive to Lumsden, up on the Northeast coast of Newfoundland to meet with Tim and help him prepare for his baptism.  While we were there we were able to do some “regular” things and spend the day with Tim.  We went exploring the coast together and saw a lot of icebergs…hundreds of them!!  Some were MASSIVE!  I even ate one, so I can officially say I’ve taken a bite of Greenland (since all of these icebergs break off from Greenland and float down here!
We spent the night at Tim’s and went for a run to the shore in the morning.    The icebergs were incredibly beautiful and the water was turquoise!  Amazing! 
Tim’s baptism has been pushed back just a little, but he is progressing very well and we’re happy for him and for his progress in the gospel!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Elder Hunt

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